2014 Los Angeles Film Festival Film Review: Uncertain Terms


uncertain termsNathan Silver’s Uncertain Terms, which he directed and co-wrote premiered at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. The film featured breakout performances by newcomers David Dalhom and India Menuez. 

Though the film’s main characters Robbie (Dalbom) and Nina (Menuez) find themselves in two very different stages in their lives, these same differences are what brings them together.

In an effort to escape his life in Brooklyn, Robbie seeks refuge in Hudson Valley with his aunt, who runs a home for pregnant teens. There, Nina is one among five pregnant teens who has sought refuge of her own from the judgmental eye of society and the disapproval of their families. 

Triggered by hormones and curiosity, Robbie quickly captures the attention of the girls in the house including Nina’s. Although Robbie’s initial intention is to keep to himself and figure out his own life, Nina’s maturity draws him to her and they strike an unlikely friendship.

Unfortunately, Robbie’s good intention of helping Nina make the right decisions lands him in a love triangle between Nina and her troublesome baby daddy.

Their attraction to one another could be assumed is due to the possibilities one can offer the other. Robbie for his part seems to have lost sight of the direction he wants his life to go in, while Nina has yet to figure out who she is and how this will reflect on her pending motherhood.  

Loosely based off Silvers’ own mothers’, Cindy Silver’s experience in a house for pregnant teens at the age of sixteen, Uncertain Terms tackles uncertainties of life. Though, the home presents itself as a sort of safe haven from the “real” world to both main characters, it ultimately also makes them face their problems.

Cindy Silver’s acting is impressive and above all believable for someone who has not had any prior acting experience. Though her role in the film is small, her acting chops are something to applaud to for someone who is an amateur actor. 

That aside, the relationship between the two main characters is questionable. Their age difference for one is something that can raise eyebrows. While their age maybe something to question, one finds themselves rooting for them as a couple.

While it may be easy at times to predict what will happen next, the ending is abrupt and leaves the audience asking questions. 

For those who enjoy dramatic films, this may be the film for you. 

Uncertain Terms: Rating B−


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