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2015 YouTube Music Awards

The 2015 YouTube Music Awards launched today, broadcasting a variety of new music videos from the biggest and best upcoming artists. Although, it is an awards show this one is unique, most awards show have an audience and show it live on TV, but this one took a different route. YouTube decided to present their awards show through its video sharing website making host, Tyler Oakley run through the highlights of the show.

Therefore, YouTube gave its audience members the power to skip through music videos or see the behind-the-scenes of your favorite artist letting their viewers exclusively experience how the directors created the magic seen on your screen.
The 50 winners of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards can be seen with a click of a button when the last video approaches, there you will have the power of knowing who took the awards or you can simply skip it and share the new music videos you just watched–here is the link with the stream of this year’s YouTube awards.

Now, below are my top four favorite music videos that debut at the 2015 YouTube Music Awards show and the reason why I chose them:

My first pick is Martin Garrix Ft. Usher- ‘Don’t Look Down’–there’s no secret that Usher’s powerhouse voice makes anyone melt, but the mixture of his amazing voice intertwined with the famous beat of EDM makes it that more intense. It’s like you’re living the moment with the sweet towel boy where both of you are sharing the difficult moment of trying to get that special someone’s attention. The reason why I chose it, besides the magnificent beat and vocals, was because we try to impress someone every day, we go to the extreme to make that one-person realize we’re there. Now, the video takes a surprising turn at the end, which makes it much more interesting; there’s no doubt this song will be a huge hit!

My second choice is Max-‘Gibberish ft. Hoodie Allen—the choreography concept in this video is the best I’ve seen. The way they execute the reversal and forward dance moves makes you think how they did that flawlessly. “It’s off the chain” as the slang goes, its upbeat and club beat also makes it fun to watch. Max’s sexy, smooth voice is the reason why the song is already a big-hit. When rapper, Hoddie Allen appears make sure to follow the smoke because that’s where you’ll see his face, such an incredible and creative way of making someone show up in the music video. The whole video is impeccable if you don’t believe me check out the video.

The third video I chose is Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias” ‘El Perdon’—The Spaniard international artist has been making hits with every song he makes and this one is no exception, when he is paired with Puerto Rican/Dominican Reggaeton star Nicky Jam the song just ricochets off the roof (in a good way). The song is already a hit in Latin radio stations and for YouTube to recognize two Latinos as the best there’s no doubt more people will become familiar with what reggaeton is. The video was made in Colombia and as it starts, it has a reggae beat, which then transforms into an upbeat reggaeton tune. For those that don’t speak Spanish, the song is about losing someone and always having them in your heart; is it possible that Enrique Iglesias is singing about Anna Kournikova? Any who, the video is deep and has a beautiful message.

The last video I chose is Lindsey Stirling-‘Take Flight’—this instrumental music video does not need lyrics at all. The note-perfect violin that plays throughout the video is perfect and when it is mixed with the dubstep beat, it leaves you in awe. From start to finish you feel the powerful message the director is trying to send across. The cinematography is also fierce, making you join in this woman’s journey across the universe in a futuristic way. Lindsay Stirling is a two-time YouTube Music Award winner and it shows why.


Those are all my favorite music videos of this year’s YouTube Music Awards, to see who won or to find your favorite new music video just click on the link presented at the beginning of the article. Enjoy!

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Jazmin Bolanos

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