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20th Digital Studio presents the animated short film ‘A Christmas Wish,’ as a gift to kids and families celebrating the holiday season at home.  Created by filmmaker Kate Freund, ‘A Christmas Wish’ tells the story of M.E., a young girl wishing for a new best friend for Christmas. Can Grandma’s magic make her wish come true? 

“Growing up, Christmas was all about magic and possibility. I wanted to recreate that joyful feeling and make something unapologetically cute and sweet. This has been such a challenging year and it’s kinda nice to be able to watch a lighthearted cartoon. ” says Kate Freund, a prolific actress, writer, director, and producer. “I hope that kids and families can enjoy this together.”

Freund is a writer, director, and actor. She grew up in Topanga Canyon and graduated from USC with a degree in Creative Writing. Her work has been featured on No Budge, AOL, and Channel 101. She has directed over forty short films in a variety of genres. Her horror series, Afterlife was produced by Eli Roth. She has appeared in several indie films such as Wyrm, On The Rocks, and is in the new Creepshow reboot. She is currently developing an animated series with Lucky Chap and Screen Arcade. 

Much like the short films in 20th Digital’s Bite Size Halloween and Bite Size Halloween Jr. series, ‘A Christmas Wish’ and the larger world of Shorten Ridge could expand into future projects. The long term goal of 20th Digital Studio’s short film programs is to continue to guide and finance the growth of these artists’ careers.

David Worthen Brooks, EVP of 20th Digital Studio, says, “As a follow-up to the animated Bite Size Halloween Jr. series of three short films, 20th Digital Studio wanted to provide viewers with a charming holiday short by showcasing our work with Kate. We hope that kids and families will want to know more about these characters and the magical world they inhabit.”

Shorten Ridge features the Rue Family, a multigenerational household of big personalities living in a picturesque seaside village. The main character, M.E. (short for Mary Elizabeth) is an eight-year-old outcast with anxiety that has trouble adapting to the athletic and social suburban neighborhood. Luckily, her family has her back and Grandma knows a bit of magic.

‘A Christmas Wish’ is presented by 20th Digital Studio in association with Starburns Industries, written and directed by Kate Freund, and featuring the voice talents of Erin Pearce, Lizie Kipner, Rich Fulcher, Kate Freund, and Rob Schrab. Additional contributors included producer Casey Rup, composer Ryan Elder, animation director Sevan Najarian, and creative director Kai Fontecchio. 

Formerly Fox Digital Studio, 20th Digital Studio released the short horror film series Bite Size Halloween and family-friendly animations of Bite Size Halloween Jr. on Hulu in October 2020.