3dRudder Announces Permanent Price Drop And Game-changing Integration

Following the announcement of a new product, 3dRudder will be dropping the price of their red and black device down to $99 (available on Amazon). New functionalities will continue to be added on a monthly basis at no extra cost for owners. 3dRudder is an upcoming staple in the VR industry, and the new price of its existing motion controller should encourage every VR user to pick one up for themselves.

3dRudder has also announced an increased number of VR blockbusters that will be compatible with the VR controller throughout the calendar year. Best VR game nominee Dead Effect 2 VR will become fit as well. BadFly Interactive, the studio behind the game, sold millions of copies of Dead Effect 1 and 2, and its VR release successfully ranks among the top VR games.

3dRudder aims to change the VR gaming experience by allowing players to use their foot-operated motion controllers. The device allows you to stay seated while you’re using it, enabling you to move around with your feet and focus on grabbing things and reloading with your handheld controllers. The 3dRudder is also compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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