7 Things to Fall In Love With in the French Culture

France; a country that has everything – the beaches, the wine, La Tour Eiffel… there’s a bit of everything for everyone. Living in France for over half a year, you come across things that you either learn to love or loathe; here is a composed list of things came across while discovering France that it’s hard not to mention.

1. La langue Française

A sweet romantic melody while its whispered in your ear, the language itself is a sound you never want to tune out of. Being known as the passionate tongue, or the “language of love,” french is the official language of 25 countries including: Canada,Ivory coast and Belgium. In France, however, they have unusual visual idioms where maybe only the french understand like one of my favorites “Occupes-toi de tes oignons” which figuratively means “mind your own business,” but literally it means “take care of your onions.” Sayings like this may seem of unimportance, yet it’s sayings like this that give french their own little culture with their mother tongue.

2. Les bisous et les expressions façiales

French is a beautiful language by itself, but what makes it even more unique is the greetings that come before they speak. It comes as a culture shock being an American and going to France seeing everyone kissing, but they express that the bisous are actually more sanitary than a handshake or hug because the lips never touch the cheek. Either way, with friends, coworkers, families, or even strangers, the little bisous are as sweetest way to greet someone. Not only do they express themselves with words, but with facial demonstrations and sounds as well. Usually, they are not able to speak without adding a “pffff” followed by hand gestures.

3. Les Vins et Les Fromages

If its something the french are known for, is their speciality in wines and cheeses.Champagne and brie, red wine and camembert,goat cheese the combinations of these french delicacies is endless. It is custom to have a bottle of wine in the table just like in America it is custom to have water. Wine is part of the french culture that I think we all wish we grew up with.Wine and Cheese Pairing

4. Le déjener

In some countries, lunch at work is used to being a thirty-minute break and fast food to go. Sometimes, there is no time to eat so you’re eating your sandwich while finishing up your pile of files. In the french culture, lunch breaks are usually one and a half hours to two hours long and for the most part bigger portions than the dinner. The french consider this time of the day the time to converse and have a glass of wine with friends while discussing politics, football, and everything else except work. During this time, students are out of class enjoying a break from studies, coworkers are out for lunch and families are together at home with a fresh baguette picked up from the local patisserie.

5.Les Gourmandises

La cuisine française; a mouthwatering taste no matter what the category. The french have been known for their delicious patisseries that you find in every corner whether strolling down the Champs Elysees in Paris or a walk down the beaches of Nice in the riviera; it is almost impossible to resist a Nutella-covered crêpe or colorful macaron. The adopted croissants and amazing baguettes are also delicious culinary symbol of France. Not only do french have a sweet tooth, but also a good taste when it comes to cuisine delicacies like ratatouille, tartare and escargots; the french do it all but simple. Macarons

6. Les Festivals

The french love having a good time, and what better way to spend a good time than with amazing festivals year round. World known festivals like the Nice Carnaval and Festival de Cannes combine both luxury and an evening full of amusement.
Festival De Cannes

7. Le climat

France is a very well situated country with every kind of climate absolutely enjoyable. Down in the south east is the best weather in Europe (and I am certain many europeans agree). The french riviera has amazing beaches, the alps are a great location to ski and kayak down in Lac du Verdon. North of France there is Paris, where rainy weather makes it cozy weather for a cup of coffee and a warm pain au chocolat straight from the oven. No matter where in France, you learn to love the weather, just as much as you love the people.
Plages de Nice

Whether it’s the weather, the chocolate, or the random kisses from people, France and their culture is an interesting one to admire.

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Gladys Cardenas

Gladys is a California State University, Fullerton student earning a Bachelors in Public Relations and in Marketing, with a minor in Spanish. She is currently experiencing wanderlust while she studies abroad in the French Riviera for the second time. Gladys is an enthusiastic world explorer who is captivated by the way people communicate in the world, hoping one day she works internationally, melding the arts of business and communications.

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