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MUSE Michael Sandoval went to get a special look at the new XBOX game, State of Decay 2 with a special bunker that puts you into the game.

To celebrate the release of State of Decay 2, Xbox created the ultimate experience for fans to put their survival skills to the test in an environment unlike any other: the world’s first Xbox Gaming Bunker. The bunker is an authentic WWII era Quonset bunker just seven miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. Originally built to house military personnel in 1947, the 4,000 square-foot space perfectly embodies the feeling of the dangerous, unpredictable dystopia inspired by State of Decay 2 and give chance the fans to feel fully immersed as they play the game ahead of its official release on May 22nd.

Inside the venue, behind a 25-ton blast door, players have everything they need to survive a zombie apocalypse: Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), melee weapons for defense, recreated in-game items, and resources to upkeep their home base for years to come. Filled with remnants from Bronto Gas, makeshift furniture, a greenhouse full of plants and a stockpile of rare commodities, the bunkers are an ideal place to build a new life in the apocalypse with a new community.

Players can also play out their survival plan by playing State of Decay 2 on four Xbox One stations. After all, who doesn’t want to practice their strategy in-game whilst the world crumbles around them? The bunker also comes with a chef that will cook an underground style BBQ to keep players fed.

To check out the game ahead of this release and this special location please sign up here or see the it lived streamed at

Michael Sandoval

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