Michael Sandoval Michael Sandoval – Founder/Executive Producer

MUSE is the creation of Michael Sandoval, a Southern California Native and a graduate of Don Bosco Technical Institute and California State University, Fullerton, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an Emphasis in Journalism. After working for the KTLA Morning News, he ventured into the business side of the sports and entertainment industry with the National Hockey LeagueLA Galaxy and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to name a few. After 11 productive years, Michael decided to create MUSE – Music Unity Sports Entertainment, a sports and entertainment website (mobile app launching soon on iTunes Store and Google Play) with the purpose of bringing people closer to the sports and entertainment industry, but also allowing an area to let readers know about ways to help and give back to their community.

MUSE, Music Unity Sports Entertainment was conceived in 2007 when Michael Sandoval noticed that online and print publications were not covering stories of local artists and also some major artists. The same was occurring in sports with the minimal coverage of Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Soccer in various publications, only reporting on whatever was hot at the moment or the typical big sports. Therefore, the creation of MUSE in 2010, because every artist or athlete has that thing that inspires them, a MUSE. The digital publication can currently be read in 132 countries and just recently launched on Apple News.

Michael is a member of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society.

Michael Sandoval on MSNBC Your Business:

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Jennifer OrtegaJennifer Ortega – Executive Producer

Jennifer Ortega is the co-owner & executive producer of Culturally Obsessed & Muse TV. She is a graduate of NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television. Jennifer is known for her humor, pop culture knowledge, candor and authenticity that make her on-camera interviews stand out. She originally got her start working for esteemed indie producer, Ben Barenholtz in New York and went on to work in television production on various reality shows for multiple networks including TBS & FOX. Jennifer has developed pilots, screenplays and has acted as a story consultant.

Jennifer is naturally talkative, inquisitive and loves connecting with people. This combined with her sincere enthusiasm and appreciation of film led her to entertainment journalism. She has published film & television reviews, exclusive interviews and event coverage for various online publications. She has also moderated various panels at film screenings. Jennifer is based in her hometown, Los Angeles where she can be found listening to The Smiths and rewatching old episodes of Twin Peaks.

Christine Romero

Christine Romero – Associate Producer/Editor MUSE 

Christine Romero is an entertainment reporter for MUSE TV. She majors in Communications with the concentration in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in human communication at California State University, Fullerton. Christine is passionate about multimedia producing, broadcasting and writing about entertainment news as well as hard news.

Emerson Unger Emerson Unger – Producer/Editor MUSE New York

Emerson is a producer for MUSE TV/MUSE out of New York. She is an accomplished individual in the field working with such media outlets as Associated Press, MTV News and E! Online to name a few. Unger is a lover of movies and Korean Pop Music.

David Peralta

David Peralta – Associate Producer/Editor

Los Angeles native and semi-pro skateboarder David Peralta began skating at 14. He is an accomplished sports videographer and editor. David has worked with many professional athletes as well as companies including Supra & DefacingProperty Griptape. David is also co-owner of Six6Six Apparel, a streetwear line based on the notion of embracing your fear.

Ashley Soriano

Ashley Soriano – Associate Producer/Entertainment Reporter

Ashley Soriano is an entertainment reporter and associate producer for MUSE TV. She is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Cinema Television Arts. Ashley’s passion for music, movies, television and all things pop culture led to her interest in working for the entertainment industry. She loves hip-hop music and often spends most of her time at music festivals or binge watching something on Netflix. Ashley is located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. You can follow Ashley on Twitter and Instagram @ashleyrsoriano.

Asia Woodley Asia Woodley – Reporter/Host

Asia is a student reporter and on-air talent for MUSE. She is a communications major at California State University, Fullerton graduating this Spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment and Tourism studies. Asia is especially passionate about on-air broadcast reporting, entertainment culture and sports. However, she also possesses strong writing and news reporting skills in both print and online media platforms with mild experience in photography. Asia is located in the Inland Empire/LA area.

Mae Muldez Mae Muldez – Reporter

Mae Muldez is an entertainment reporter for MUSE TV. She majors in Communications with the concentration in Broadcast Journalism at California State University, Fullerton. Mae is passionate about multimedia producing, broadcasting and creative writing about entertainment news and current events.

Lidia Mosqueda Lidia Mosqueda – Editor

A graduate from Cal State Fullerton. Lidia has been covering entertainment news for MuseTV for the past three years. Since her intern year, she has reported on many events and covered breaking news stories. Most recently her beat includes reporting on Latin entertainment news, covering artist such as; J Balvin, Anitta, Rosalia, Carmen Villalobos and many more. As a first-generation Latina, she strives to deliver work, that resonates with the LatinX generation. She has a passion for movies, television, music and pop culture.

Breanna Hernandez

Breanna Hernandez – Entertainment Reporter

Entertainment Reporter Breanna Hernandez loves all things pop culture. Her authenticity and vivaciousness capture dynamic interviews and instant respect from talent. Her number one love in her life and motivation is her son. Her second biggest passion is protecting our oceans and the planet. Breanna turned her passion into a newly formed foundation, Breeze Cleanup through which she organizes beach cleanups in the greater Los Angles area. Don’t be surprised if you see Breanna on rollerskates throughout different neighborhoods picking up litter. This one act has inspired countless others throughout the country to rollerskate in their communities to rid them of litter.

Brenda Rodriguez

Brenda Rodriguez – Entertainment Reporter

Entertainment Reporter Brenda Rodriguez is graduating from Cal State Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree. She is majoring in Communications with an emphasis on Film & Television. She is extremely passionate about multimedia production and broadcasting. Brenda has had multiple experiences in directing live entertainment events, on-camera hosting, as well as shooting and editing interview/news segments. With her warm demeanor and infectious energy, she is a natural when it comes to interviewing and connecting with people. Brenda is a horror fanatic, an amazing vegan cook and very passionate about eco-conscious living.

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Michael Acevedo – Sports Editor

Melanie Chavarin – Social Media Consultant

Leslie Cano – Reporter

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