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Alcohol Will Finally Be Available at Disneyland

Star Wars Land Opens in 2019 and so does Disneyland’s Outer-Space Alcohol

Yes, you read it right!

After 63 years Disneyland finally breaks tradition and will sell alcohol to the public.

Even after being constantly opposed by Walt Disney, the theme park has brought outer-space themed like cocktails. However libations must only be consumed inside the new Oga’s Cantina, where smugglers and aliens can share drinks from the special menu.

It’s intergalactic menu will range from beer, wine, and other theme cocktails. More specifics about the menu will be revealed as they are developed.

Alcohol has been profitable at Disney’s California Adventure, Walt Disney’s tradition of leaving Disneyland family-friendly has always been adapted throughout these years.

Even though Star Wars land will provide alcoholic beverages, these drinks are only allowed inside the cantina and are not allowed to be taken elsewhere, leaving the rest of Disneyland alcohol-free, out of respect for continuing it’s tradition of being purely family-friendly. However, kids drinks will also be available at the cantina.

The new Star Wars land is still under construction and being built near Frontierland. It will include two new dark rides as well as a themed planetary experience. It’s grand opening is expected to be in summer 2019.

For more information or to buy tickets visit https://disneyland.disney.go.com/

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