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NEWS x MUSE Sarina Sandoval talks with the writer/director of In the Summers, Alessandra Lacorazza which opened the 2024 Los Angeles International Film Festival.

Every summer, sisters Violeta and Eva visit their loving but reckless father Vicente, who tries to atone for the past by creating a world of wonder for them to experience. But old wounds do not heal easily and despite the fun facade, Vicente’s battle with addiction gradually erodes the magic, culminating in a devastating tragedy.

The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival is a premier platform dedicated to championing Latino filmmakers, elevating their work and facilitating growth, with a special focus on U.S. Latino filmmakers. Through film, television, and music, LALIFF offers a vibrant stage for diverse voices within the Latino community, spotlighting cultural storytelling on an international scale.

Watch Alessandra Lacorazza’s film In the Summers at its’ next stop at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, June 15. Get tickets at