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Allagash Brewing Company receives “Partner of the Year” Award at National Beer WholeSalers Association Convention

Chicago, IL—The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) hosted its 79th Annual Convention this weekend, awarding Portland, Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company as NBWA’s “Partner of the Year.”

Awards are given to brewers who are considered as the “best in the marketplace” to not only produce beer but those who build strong relationships, provide valuable education and offer support to their community distributors.

Producing over 83,000 barrels in 2015, Allagash Brewing Company has been brewing Belgian inspired beer since 1995, founded by Rob Tod, and every year in March, Allagash works together with their distributors to host “Saison Day,” educating consumers about the Saison style of beer.

“To many around the country, it is no mystery that Allagash makes great beer and is in the forefront of innovation,” said Joey Waraskevich of Pine State Beverage and partner of Allagash, “What may not be obvious to some is the support and quality of people they provide to their wholesale supporters.”

Allagash provides their distributors with posters, videos, artwork and sales sheets about the brand specifically for new products. Allagash also recognizes their distributor that sells more than 100,000 case equivalents by hand deliver custom-made signs.

According to Waraskevich, Allagash is made up of “hardworking employees” who not only have “knowledge of the beer industry but “quality people of great character” that follows through in order to thank distributors for selling their beer.

Waraskevich said, “It will take you five minutes of being in the brewery to discover that everyone is genuinely proud of where they work.”

In order to better information when conveying to the retail buyers from their distributors, Allagash created a custom profit calculator app that can calculate profit made by products at retail versus at competing brands.

Among other recipients in this year’s convention included Missoula, Montana’s KettleHouse Brewing Co. for the “Brewer Partner Sales Execution” award and Alexandria, Virginia’s Port City Brewing Company with the “Brewer Partner Marketing Innovation” award.

“Allagash, KettleHouse and Port City are three of the more than 4,000 breweries that are generating such excitement for beer around this country and providing the American consumer with unprecedented choice and quality,” said NBWA President & CEO Craig Purser, “… America’s beer distributors look forward to celebrating the success of each of these brands and recognizing many more innovative and collaborative brewers in the future.”

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