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Allegiant is the third installment of the Divergent franchise, and Beatrice and the gang are trying save Chicago… again. After the fall of Jeanine and the factions, the city has started to divide. Some want to execute their new prisoners while others don’t. The group that chooses not to trial and murder the captives take the name Allegiant. Beatrice and her group opt to not be apart of the impending civil war, and decide to venture outside the walls. Searching for a haven they find the Bureau, and discover how they are responsible for the factions. Thinking peace is right around the corner Beatrice discovers that the Bureau isn’t all what it seems to be.

The film was more put together than Insurgent, but still suffered from poor writing and execution. The plot was too ambiguous for the film. Combine that with its poor execution the film resulted in a confusing tale with too many subplots. The film was extremely predictable never leaving the crowd wondering. The CGI was lack luster leaving the actors in an over lighted and out of place 3D world. The acting was not up to par, and it seemed as though the actors where their to pick up a pay check. Miles Teller was a highlight in the film with the limited time he was granted, bringing comedy and likability to the film.

This film isn’t a landmark feature by any means. Allegiant’s job was to set up future installments, which it accomplishes. Clearly geared towards its target audience, don’t walk into this expecting anything great. You’ll have a predictable plot, cheesy acting, and good looking young adults in a post apocalyptic world (Thanks to genetic engineering).

If you’re a fan of this franchise, Allegiant is for you. For the average movie goer the initial response would go along the lines of, “I guess that was alright.”