American Opera establishes presences in debut album “Small Victories”

New comers American Opera officially released their first full-length album Small Victories on Friday, June 30 via Spartan Records, that equally doubles in establishing their presences in the music scene.

Through personal accounts transformed into lyrics that features reflective topics such as religion, trying to make sense of growing older, losing friends and questioning one’s beliefs backed by a mix of folk rhythms and rock riffs, Small Victories proves to be valiant first effort.

What came out of a “sea of misery,” American Opera developed from Brooklyn-via-Michigan singer/songwriter John Bee after eight years of non-stop touring, according to Spartan Records.

 Small Victories was almost entirely self-produced and performed by Bee. Sound engineer, Matt Goldman joined Bee on the project to help bring the album’s dynamism.  In fact, Small Victories is packed full of contrast, that is quickly established in the titled track, “Small Victories” by the rough and gritty voice of Bee against the soft and folksy instrumentals.

With the light tones brought on by the use of a xylophone and a bright sounding horn section, “Monsters Among Men” is yet the grizzliest track as conveys stout emotions from Bee, immediately jetting with the lyrics “God Are You a Lie?”  Upon first listen it is thought that the track is the pondering thoughts of a loss for religion but it later becomes apparently clear that “Monster Among Men” challenges one’s beliefs in God due societal disasters and personal tragedies.

The emotion lingers heaviest in tracks such as “Michael” and “Farewell.”  Dipping with nostalgia and a quivering but strong vocals, “Michael” cuts deep with the lyrics “You’re Never Gone as Long/As We Sing Your Song/So Sing Along.”   As the longest track off Small Victories, “Farewell” again emulates the idea of contrast as it develops from a heartfelt remembrance piece with strings to a full fledge and driving rock song.

Small Victories is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and streaming through Spotify.

Track Listing:

  1. “Small Victories”
  2. “Sand and Seed”
  3. “Sailor’s Song”
  4. “Monsters Among Men”
  5. “Michael”
  6. “Sidewalks”
  7. “Jack Pine”
  8. “Dear Devil”
  9. “An Empty Cup”
  10. “Farewell”
  11. “Songs I Used to Sing”
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