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Colombian singer Andy Rivera got the chance to work on a collaboration with one of the most emblematic voices of the urban genre, Ñejo, in the song, “Monumento.”

Getting the opportunity to work with Puerto Rican legend Ñejo has been a dream of Rivera’s since he was a teenager. To finally have been able to collaborate with his idol on a track like “Monumento,” has been destiny rewarding Rivera’s discipline and hard work in recent years.

“I grew up with Ñejo and Dálmata, I listened to it a lot at school. Once I had the fortune to see them live on an excursion and from the age of 16 I dreamed of singing with Ñejo. Ten years later I have a feature with him,” Rivera recalls.

Through his music, Rivera has been credited with bringing a freshness to the genre and proposes a new sound that transcends Latin American borders and has climbed the most important music charts in the world.

His tracks “Préstamela A Mí,” “Qué Le Pasa a Mi Ex,” “La Oficial” ft Zion & Lennox, and “Alguien Me Gusta,” which features his father Johnny Rivera and Jessi Uribe, have been respectfully certified Gold and Double Platinum.

His latest song, “Monumento,” was born out of the creativity of Maya, So Lit, Miky, Elektrik, Sinatra, Cuenca, and Ily Wonder. This hit-making team has been by Rivera’s side for several adventures, including a composition camp in Tolú, Sucre. Where “Monumento” was conceived.

Still riding the wave of success following his recent single “Fuego,” Riveras latest track is a continuation of work that the artist has been making were this time around he tones down the party to take us to a more daring place with hymns of intimacy.

“It is a song to feel sexy. It is a tribute to the monument that is the woman. It is a theme to make love with that person who changes your vibe,” confesses Rivera.

Shot in Medellín, the video features Rivera and Ñejo dancing in a location full of lights and graffiti. With rich color and urban aesthetic to fill the background, the image of the song is fitting for Ñejo.

“It was an unexpected meeting, but Ñejo managed to travel to Medellín and we were able to do something very fresh where our new friendship was reflected. I can’t wait for it to come out and so everyone can enjoy it,” Rivera said.

Recently, Rivera signed with Sony Music House to sign a deal that would help promote his music and talents to all corners where Latin music has transcended. Accompanied by his team of closest collaborators, as well as various representatives of the label, they met in Miami to make effective the agreement. “A new beginning is written. With this contract comes many things,” says Rivera.

“The signing of the contract represents a joint work alliance where the artist with his talent and Sony with his team will make each song a success that will lead Andy Rivera to consolidate himself as a great global artist,” said Adriana Restrepo, President of Sony Music Andes.

For his part, Rivera is excited about this new venture, saying “a new beginning is written.”

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