This past Friday Anitta released the first EP of her career, “Solo.” Composed of three songs and clips, each in one language (Portuguese, Spanish and English). The Singer chose not to have vocal collaborations, hence the name of the EP. The videos were directed by João Papa and where released at 12:00P.M. on her Youtube channel (@Anitta).

“Veneno”, a song in Spanish, is the first song of the EP. In the first scenes of the clip, Anitta appears surrounded by dozens of snakes. In it, the singer dominates and enchants the snakes in the same way that the poison does with the body of a person. The word play refers to a love game. “It’s like playing with fire: it’s dangerous, but it’s attractive,” explains Anitta.

For this video, she had to overcome her greatest fear; being surrounded by 29 several species of snakes!. “In the end, they and Anitta were already best friends (laughs). It was pretty nice to see her connection to the snakes. This ended up generating some images that are impossible to plan or do more than once, “reveals Papa, the director.

In addition to the snakes, in other scenes, the singer appears wrapped in mud, with several people also muddy around her, forming a unit. “Oddly enough, that was the hardest part for me. I did not know I did not like mud. But the result of this take was incredible, and it was worth it, “says Anitta.

“Não Perco Meu Tempo”, a song in Portuguese, is the second song of “Solo”. The song talks about relationships, self-esteem and about people who are not worth it. In the clip, we see more than one Anitta. The singer interacts with herself at various times and discusses her indecision and what are the right and wrong actions to take. She does not follow her own advice and, in the videos, kisses 24 people of different genres, sexualities, heights, weights, colors and styles, always finishing alone. In the end, even her “conscience” leaves her.

For the artist, the scenes were taken naturally. “It was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done. I was hesitant at first, but then relaxed. Everyone who participated cooperated very much. Ofcourse it was something unheard of for me, but that one is not Larissa, it’s like she’s a character, “says the singer.

“It was her idea. The briefing I received from Anitta said she wanted a modern clip, with a circular motion and lots of kissing. We think of a concrete room with no doors or windows and an emotional coldness, “explains the director.

The third and final song from “Solo”, “Goals” closes the EP with a golden key. The song was produced by Pharrel Williams and talks about self-esteem, shine and self-love. “It’s a beautiful song, and I fell in love the moment I heard it and I was inspired by it to get the idea of the clip. I wanted to do something that had a great visual effect, with lots of lights and stars. Its a video extremely beautiful and at the same time simple. It’s one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever done, “the artist boasts.
In the images, we see Anitta surrounded by stars and a mirror of water as she dances, interacts with the camera and plays a game of lights and shadows with her body.

The starry background follows the chart of blue, pink and lilac. The choice of these colors, according to João Papa, is their beauty and their similarity with nightfall. “This is the most complex work I’ve ever done. Our wish was to film the clip with a real sky reflected on a mirrored floor, but that was impossible. There is no such camera. We did it in a studio and with a giant chrome key background, 49 meters. It was an immense technical challenge that was only possible because we worked with the best professionals in Brazil “, says the director.

The singer has earned praises for the stunning visuals of her videos and endless support and praises from fellow artist, such as J Balvin and Nicky Jam. “I’m very happy with the results. The idea is that this EP could connect me in a certain way to all my fans, in Brazil and out of it, “says Anitta.

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