Brazil’s biggest superstar and fast-growing global crossover force! Will released her first trilingual album, featuring 10 songs and videos that represent “a different kiss from a different Anitta.”

“The fans have always asked me for a new album, and this is a dream that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. But to do it the way I wanted, I needed time and dedication. It took a while, but it’s there! I worked so hard to make every detail my way, as I dreamed of. I hope you like it as much as I do,” says Anitta.

Last week, the musical superstar, and multi-lingual global pop. Revealed to her immense social media following about 10 highly anticipated new songs and interconnected videos that will comprise the April 5th release of her first trilingual album “KISSES” (Warner). As well as the stellar list of artists that would join the English, Spanish and Portuguese album. Such as hip-hop figures Snoop Dogg and Swae Lee, revered Brazilian artists Caetano Veloso and Ludmilla. Latin music stars Becky G, Prince Royce, DJ Luian & Mambo Kingz, longtime friend & Shots Studios colleague Alesso, and more.

Giovanni Bianco, who served as creative director for her album. Says that each of her 10 tracks represent a different side of the artist. He goes on to say, “It’s always a challenge and exciting to work with Anitta. For this project, on this second album that we did together, I was inspired by the many women that exist within Anitta. They are completely different women, but they are all Anitta.”

Track listings:

Atención” is the number one single from the album and it’s a song that empowers the female. The lyrics, in Spanish, encourage women to live the way they want to and take possession of their queen’s throne. “It’s a lyric similar to ‘Show das Poderosas’, with a message of empowerment. This is a very important and necessary track. We need more and more songs that unite us, “says Anitta.


Banana” is the second track of “KISSES” and has partnership with the American singer Becky G. In English and Spanish, the lyrics are humorous and full of puns. “The song also has a funk beat. The composer told me that he was inspired by ‘Vai Malandra’ (laughs). For the clip, we opted to make a pun with the fruits and put up a fair, “says Anitta.


Onda Diferente,” the third song is a Brazilian funk.

Ludmilla presented the single to Anitta, who soon thought who else could complete the feat. “Snoop Dogg watched my show on Netflix and sent me a message saying that he was available to record with me when I wanted to. It was the opportunity! I asked Papatinho to write a piece of hip hop, and he nailed. And so, this partnership was born, “says Anitta.

Sin Miedo“; track number four. Shows an Anitta, who likes to live intensely, without thinking about tomorrow. The music has participation of the Puerto Rican DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz. Anitta explains the concept is; “… a crazy night where I do everything a little bit: I lose my composure, I got carried away and venture with my friends. The edition is very different and passes on this intention of madness, to live without fear.”


Track number five “Poquito” is one of the singers’ favorite. “It’s a romantic song, but at the same time it has a swing. Swae Lee has a lot of hot hits in Brazil, I’ve been a fan for a long time and fought hard to have him with me on this album. We recorded the clip separately because our schedule didn’t match. The result was very different, “says Anitta.


Tu Y Yo“, the sixth track from KISSES, features Jamaican Chris Marshall. “He’s the composer. I tried several people for this feat, but when I heard his voice singing, I wanted him to record the official vocals even though he was not a singer. He is Jamaican and has a beautiful accent. The result was amazing, “says Anitta.


Get to Know Me” is the seventh single with DJ and Swedish producer Alesso. The song, in English, and the video reflect an adolescent Anitta. “The clip takes place in a world made of mannequins, plastic people, fakes. And I do not feel connected in that place. When I finally meet a real person, like me, who is Alesso, we get in tune”, explains Anitta.


Rosa“, track number eight with Puerto Rican Prince Royce. Is romantic and in Spanish. “When I heard that song, I immediately thought of that feat. Prince Royce is sensual, handsome, and has been successful for years in the Latin market, “says the singer.


Juego” is the ninth and one of the first songs of KISSES to be ready. The song shows a bossier side of Anitta. Inspired by gangster and mafia films, the singer appears as the great leader, the boss. “The lyrics talk a lot about my personality, and I wanted to pass this side that is also mine: Anitta the boss, who has her foot on the ground, but who at the same time does not lose her sensuality. I love this clip and its aesthetics, “she says.


Você Mentiu” The 10th and final track, is in partnership with Caetano Veloso and is an MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) with sweet and mellow melody.

The lyrics tell the story of a relationship that doesn’t work. “This track is a gem, a rare jewel. I wanted to do something simple for the clip because this is also a side of me, without much vanity. I’m without makeup and in my everyday clothes. I asked them to capture all the moments of this meeting because I wanted them to show this relationship of affection that I have with Caetano, which I love and am eternally grateful.”

“…With hits in three different languages, is going global… Anitta’s intoxicating mix of funk carioca, reggaeton, and fizzy dance-pop has made her a household name, with unparalleled style and internet savvy… Her releases have racked up YouTube views and streams by the hundreds of millions, and with [36.6] million Instagram followers, she’s amassed the largest social media following of any woman in Brazil.” – Rolling Stone.

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