Announcement: New Column Celebrity Siblings with Emerson Unger

More Additions To Be Announced Soon

So are you tired of hearing the same old news about your favorite celebrity like what they’re wearing, who they’re dating or what are there upcoming projects?

Get a different perspective on some of the world’s most famous faces from those who know them best.

We’re not talking dear old mom and dad. We’re talkin’ celebrity siblings.

Who better to know a famous face then somebody who knew them before they were famous. You’re not getting interviewing Taylor Swift but they’re interviewing Taylor Swift’s brother or maybe skipping out on chatting with Amy Schumer to talk to her big sister.

Family members can be hard fun and often funny and that is why we’re heading up some of the world’s famous faces siblings and getting the four-one-one and how they really are from those who know them best I mean who can know you better than somebody who shared a bath with you at age 3.

MUSE is launching a new column in partnership with Emerson Unger of refined fanatic dot-com to give you new insights to some of your favorite celebrities and probably the most unusual and awkward ways.

More additions to MUSE and MUSE TV too be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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Michael Sandoval

Michael created MUSE/MUSE TV after a career in professional sports and journalism. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Don Bosco Technical Institute in which he studied Electronics and Computer Science and California State University, Fullerton in which he graduated with a degree from the College of Communication in Journalism. He is a big Foo Fighters fan, loves Star Wars and loves photography. Member of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society.

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