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Apple Announces New Products at Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park

The Steve Jobs Theater is the home for the Apple Press Conference located on the brand new campus for the company, Apple Park.

The first of the products announced is the Apple Watch showing a 50% growth in sales from the previous year. Tim Cook announces the Watch is now the number one watch in the world with a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

iOS 4 will now feature gym kit a new activity tracker with enhancement to the heart rate app. The app will have resting heart rate and recovery rate. It will now also have a notification of a high heart rate when you are not active. The watch will also now monitor with Apple Heart Study to analyze Atrial fibrillation.

Watch iOS 4 will be available on September 19.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 was also announced at the event which includes cellular built into the device. Calls will be the same as the phone using the same number with switching from phone to watch. Streaming of music will also be available on the device to stream without the phone being on you.

Series 3 features a dual core processor and with that faster processor Siri is able to communicate. The display is the antenna with an electronic SIM for cellular to work with the size of the watch not changing size.

Apple Watch Series 3 will still have all day battery life with cellular at the price of $399. Orders begin on September 15 with it being available on September 22.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV was up next with the addition of 4K UHD. Apple TV 4K will feature HDR (High Dynamic Range) for an amazing picture quality. In includes the A10x fusion processor as the iPad Pro, running TVOS with it able to do 4K video at up to 60 frames. They also announced the HD movies price and if you already purchased the movie you will get the 4K version for free.

Live Sports will be coming to Apple TV along with live news all on your device in one place.  Apple TV 4K will be $179 and will be out September 22.


The iPhone was the third product to be talked about celebrating its’ 10th Anniversary. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is announced with glass on the front of the phone and the back. Apple claims that the glass is the most durable ever. A new retina display will be in the phone with True Tone with new stereo speakers. Inside the phone a new chip A11 Bionic with six-core 64 bit designed. 25% increase in performance compared to the A10 chip.

The camera features a 12mp camera with an all-new sensor with f1.8 and f2.8 on the 8 plus with better performance on low light. Portrait lighting is introduced to improve lighting in your photo’s while in portrait mode. Video has also been improved.

Augmented Reality is coming to the phone with improvements to allow tracking while using the chip. Games in augmented really will be released this month and more coming. Wireless charging will be coming to iPhone as well. An addition that has been asked for by users for years. Qi will be the wireless standard with support currently being built.

iPhone 8 will be released on with 64GB starting at $699 and $799 for the iPhone plus with orders beginning Friday and September 22 the release date with iOS 11 released on September 19.

iPhone X


Tim Cook had one more thing to announce iPhone X. Which looks exactly like the leaks had showed over the last couple months. Two colors Black and Silver with a brand new display called Super Retina at 5.8″ with 2436 x 1125 resolution with an OLED screen with Dolby vision.

The home button has been removed from the phone for the first time since it launched and with a swipe up to access the home screen.

Face ID

The phone will now use Face ID to unlock the phone. It will feature safer purchases as you will need the facial recognition. Phone will use the A11 Bionic chip with a neural engine to process 600 billion operations in a seconds so it can work during the day and night. It cannot be used to unlock with a picture or even a mask it must be used by a real face with all the storage on the phone and not to the cloud. Apple states it is a 1 in a million chance that someone will be able to unlock it.

In apple pay it will be used by a face recognition and then holding the device to the payment terminal.

Animoji will be coming to the phone using face ID for animation emoji via messages.

iPhone X will also feature a 12mp camera as the iPhone 8 with the same iOS with dual optical stabilization. A new Quad-LED flash with little noise on the photo with no lag on the shutter. Low light performance is better and supports the portrait feature as well. Is also tuned for augmented reality and the front camera with TrueDepth you can use portrait mode via the front camera.

Battery Life is increased by 2 hours from the iPhone 7 with wireless charging. Apple will also release a mat to charge multiple devices. Up to three devices will fit on the pad and is called AirPower released in 2018.

iPhone X will be a 64GB and a 128GB model priced at $999 to start and orders will begin October 27 and released on November 3.

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