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Apple Announces Upgrades in Software and Hardware Including HomePod

Tim Cook kicked off Apple’s Press Conference doing something unfamiliar with no update on the status of Apple other than the fact that Apple is doing fine. Cook wanted to make sure he got into the bones of the six announcements they had today.


Today Amazon is coming to Apple TV later this year with Amazon Prime Video.

Apple Watch – Watch OS:

WatchOS 4 updates the watch face. Siri watch face announced for watchOS4 with machine learning. Passes from wallet will appear on the face on the watch when it is activated. Woody, Jesse and Buzz are now on the watchOS faces along with Mickey and Minnie.

Activity notifications is improved with smart coaching and monthly challenges based on the history of your workouts.

Workout app records all data from your workout and data exchange with gym equipment and will be available in the fall.

Music app redesign with new album art and updates with multiple playlist paired with the Apple Pods work smoother.

Apple News is now available on watchOS

watchOS 4 will be available in the fall.

Apple WWDC WatchOS


The new operating system is High Sierra for macOS 10.13.

Safari in the new macOS is claimed to be the fastest web browser on the market. Autoplay blocking has been added to the new browser software. Intelligent tracking prevention has been added to not track the consumer and increase privacy.

Mail is now using spotlight to search with split view added similar to the iPad.

Photo’s has new editing tools with imports in chronological order. Face recognition is improved on the application and synchronizes now across all devices. Photo editing has been improved for color correction and syncs now between programs like photoshop. New photo refinements for printing and website development.

The files system will be changed to the Apple File System (APFS). 64-bit with encyption and with faster file search.

Video will be improved with H.265 and building it into all video editing software on the newer Mac. Graphics increased across all platforms with the new Metal 2 which features a 10x improvement in performance. Metal for machine learning will also be added along with Metal for external graphics with a thunderbolt 3 enclosure.

Pro content creation in VR with Metal for VR.

Final Cut Pro X to bring VR editing to the software.

Developer beta is out today and will be available later this fall.

Mac Hardware:

iMac is improved with a brand new display on the machine. Intel newest processor “Kaby Lake” will be added. 32GB of memory and 64 GB memory upgrade. Fusion Drives are now standard along with two USB-C connections. Next generation graphics will be increased from the entry level going to 80% increase in speed. The iMac Retina increase to 4GB in VRAM. iMac Retina is now increased to do VR creation on the iMac Retina.

iMac VR mode is an amazing increase especially in the demonstration they provided from the people from Industrial Light and Magic featuring a Star Wars scene in VR.

The new iMac price will start at $1099 with the iMac Retina starts at $1299.

Macbook will introduce the “Kaby Lake” processor as well as increased graphics with new price.

All of the machines will ship today.

Apple release a sneak peek at the Apple iMac Pro which will be released later this year in Space Grey finish. This will be the most powerful Mac ever. 18-core Xion Processor along with Radeon Vega Graphics which is 16Gb of VRAM with up to 22 teraflops of compute power and can configure to 128GB ECC Memory and 4TB SSD. Built in 10Gb ethernet allowing for two displays to be run with the iMac. iMac Pro will be priced at $4999 and available in December.

iMac Pro

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