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Today begins the World Wide Developer Conference, Apple yearly conference to discuss and learn about all the new things coming to Apple in the upcoming year. We are hoping to hear about iOS 12, the next macOS and more. Below we will highlight some of the biggest additions on a continues posting beginning at 10am PT.

10:06am – We are about to begin the keynote with Tim Cook taking the stage. 20 million apple developers announced.

Next month the App store turns 10 years old.

10:07am – 100 billion dollars given to developers from app sales.

10:08am – Swift coding language is being talked about.

10:10am – iOS takes the forefront

iOS 12 free software update, Half of the iOS user switched over in 7 weeks with a chart showing 81% using the update to android at 6% (stat from apple)

iOS 12 to be available on all devices back to 2013 devices.

Showing right now optimizing the iOS system on older devices with 2x faster in speed to launch.

CPU performance will be increased in the launch and that even out to save battery.

10:16am – Augmented Reality is now being talked about. Pixar and Apple get together for USDZ. Adobe talking about how they are using AR kit with USDZ format. There is now a why to deliver across all access. USDZ support in available now on creative cloud.

A brand new application to design new AR experience for the first time you will have a what you see is what you get editing.

10:20am – Introducing a new app measure for AR. Able to measure items via your phone for an item and automatically detect rectangles.

USDZ in Apple News and experience it in the app. It also works on Safari web for AR.

10:23am – AR Kit is being talked about more with the announcement of AR Kit 2. Improved face tracking and working better with physical space an support for shared experiences.

Lego is coming to the stage to talk about how they are using AR Kit. Models come to life with the lego sets. They are displaying how lego AR on real physical space. Taking creative play to a new level of experience.

10:29 – Photos app is now being talked about with import of search such as search suggestion. Search work with places, sporting events and more.

In iOS12 a new tab which is for you. It is your featured photos and suggestions along with shared album and shared suggestions.

When share is initiated wit another person phone it shares back with you there photo’s.

10:33am – Siri is now being talked about. Shortcuts are now going to be added to Siri and integrated to notifications. Siri is also doing suggestions. Shortcuts app is also introduced using drag and drop steps.

10:40am – Talking about the latest apps now. News introduce a brows tab and easier to jump to favorites. A new sidebar has been added. The stocks app has been rebuilt and introduced into stock Apple News. Stocks is coming to iPad.

Everything in Apple News is curated by their editors. Voice memos is being rebuilt and making it easier to use and it is coming to the iPad. iBooks is now Apple Books with new features like reading now and a brand new store.

In iOS 12 CarPlay suports third party navigation apps now.

10:45am – Built features are now being added to for focusing your time with Do not disturb during bedtime. It brings the screen black so it does not bother you at night. Do not disturb has an automatic editing. Notifications will also be changed giving the user more control with instant tuning. Support is coming for grouped notifications to clean up the clutter on the lock screen.

Screen time introduce with reports giving you a weekly summary of how you use your phone. How you using it and time in different apps and how often your picking up your phone and more. App limits is introduced to notify you an length of using apps and phone. They feel it can be useful towards kids with them getting a report as well as your. In addition able to use allowances such as down time and phone usage and limiting what they can view.

10:52am – Messages is being talked about. Animoji is being taking to another level called tongue detection. In addition ghost, tiger, koala and t-rex. They are also introducing memoji which you can creat your own personalized animoji.

They are also using a create memoji tab that makes it easier for the user to become an animoji.

You can also use in messenger in which you can use you memoji in fun ways in messages.

10:59 – Group FaceTime being introduced up to 30 people in a call and in now integrated into messages.

Effects are also available and everyone can do it as well and you can use memoji and animoji.

11:04am – Apple Watch is up with Tim Cook talking about that it is number 1 in satisfaction with a 60% growth.

WatchOS 5 is being introduced today with the first new addition being with Health and Fitness new additions. With goals built for you with competitions shared with friends to progress and show you progress with your friends and new awards the you beat your friend. Gym kit and in sync with the equipment and new addition will be yoga, hiking, outdoor run using the gps to do mile pace while in a active run. Cadence will also be introduced.

Automatic workout detection will also be added. It will show when you started and get retroactive credit. It will also add end alerts.

Stay connected has been improved on the watch with Walkie-Talkie App and works over cellular and wifi.

Siri shortcuts to be added to watch and you can now use third party notifications on you watch. You can now automatically talk to siri to get it to respond. Web content can be viewed and see content and formatted to the small screen via web kit on watch os.

Podcasts will now be on the watch and automatically synced and works with all devices.

Student ID Cards will be able to be linked via wallet available this fall.

11:25am – Now Tim Cook returns to the stage to talk about Apple TV with tvOS with new enhancements.

Apple TV 4K will be adding Dolby Atmos audio. It is the only system to be certified Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and all your titles upgrade for free.

Addition on live sports and live news with 100+ channels. Charter Spectrum is coming to Apple TV later this year and use Siri. Zero sign-on is now available using the broadband network from the subscriber. Charter Spectrum is the first to use it. Apple TV added to control center and you con use third party remotes soon to control the Apple TV.

11:36am – Tim Cook is now talking about the MAC with macOS. The next version will be macOS Mojave. It will add a lot of new features such as dark mode. Dark mode will make things easier for photo editing and more. Xcode with dark mode makes it easier to read.

Dynamic Desktop and changes throughout the day. Desktop stacks is coming to help cleanup your workspace. You can scrub your stack in order to use.

Gallery view is added to the thumbnail in your finder. gallery view shows your images and your sidebar supports full metadata. You can also create photo’s selected to a pdf within the finder. You can also watermark via the finder all the photo’s you will use.

Quick Look will now use mark up. You can now sign document using the tool. That work also with video to trim clips.

Screenshots is now able to when you select the image it is on your lower right. It will allow you to edit in quick look automatically. Screen capture for video is now available and can record the selected area. You can drop and drop it into a new space. Continuity with this new OS will work better with Continuity Camera. Take a photo works with you phone to take a photo. It will appear in your document. It will also scan document and the scan appears in the doc immediately.

Apps will be talked about with News coming to the Mac. You will now be able to read MUSE on your Mac via Apple News on you desktop. Stocks will also be coming to the Mac as well with Apple News integration. Voice memos will also be coming to the Mac and will sync via iCloud and drop to garage band.

Home is coming to the mac to monitor all your home enabled equipment. Safari improvements now using cookies now within safari they are shutting down tracking with haring and will get a notification. Fingerprinting is now being talked about for browsing safety.

Mojave the software making it harder for tracking now that the mac looks like everyone else making it harder to track.

The Mac App store will be redesigned. The app store new look is cleaner and more informational. It will also include informational stories on the app available. Along with rating and review integration. Microsoft is bringing office 365, Adobe is bridging Lightroom CC to the store to name a few.

12:01pm – Now they are talking about the technology like Metal. Metal is compatible with external GPU’s.  Create ML is a new tool that lets you train with interactive playable models. memories and training can be done in 48 minutes compared to 24 hours. File size will also drop. Core ML2 is now 30% faster with 75% reduction.

They just announced they are not merging iOS and macOS. They are talking about integrating iOS apps with the mac and be able to use them on the laptop. Next year they will be able to allow developer to bring their apps to the mac.

12:10pm – Tim Cook comes on to the stage to close up the presentation. Celebrating the developers of the apps that people use everyday. Thank you for reading our live reporting and until next time.

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