Aquaman Director, James Wan, Explains Why Jason Momoa Is Aquaman

Honestly, the comic book character of Aquaman has struggled with his popularity and his masculinity, especially when compared to his fellow Justice League friends, like Batman and Superman.

Frankly, the superhero has been the butt of many jokes, typically ones that make fun of his masculinity. So, when Zack Snyder decided to cast hunky Jason Momoa as the superhero in 2017’s Justice League many were presently surprised. However, it was Aquaman Director, James Wan who was given the task of capturing this superhero and all his glory in a full-length film that gave the origin story of this underwater king.

Wan loved the idea of Momoa as Aquaman. He said, what I love about Jason is that he brings his personality to this character.” He explains that Momoa doesn’t become Aquaman “but bringing Aquaman to him.” He adds, “that’s what I love most about [this]. It is that I get to be the one that showcases the other side of Jason Momoa that not many people have seen.” Wan explains, “the fun side. The funny side of him.”

Wan even joked that this role may change the trajectory of his career. Wan said, “I think after this movie comes out people are going to see what a great potential romantic lead he is as well.” Momoa joked back by saying, “I just want to speak English. I don’t want to fight anymore.” A nod to his Game of Throne days when his character didn’t say much. Wan followed everything up by saying, “But I think that is what is great is that Jason comes in and he makes a statement with this character and I think that is what this first movie really needs.”

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