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The time has finally come; the era of Kobe Bryant will be over after the Lakers play the Jazz this Wednesday. Many emotions will be on display when his name is called one final time in the Staples Center.

What he leaves behind is deeper than NBA championships, scoring titles, an MVP, and Olympic gold medals. When he walks off that court he leaves behind is the memories of joy and excitement of what it means to be a Los Angeles Laker.

His influence was massive and left everyone saying “Kobe!” as they shot a paper ball into a trashcan. He was the heart and soul of purple and gold, and is a once in a lifetime player.

This year to pay homage, there has been a number of Kobe related articles and tributes. Here is a compilation of some of the best Black Mamba related articles and features from this past season.

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There’s a lot to say, but to save time… Kobe Bryant, Thank you.