Ashanti and Ja Rule: The Natural Born Hitters Tour in LA

Many might be too young to know the hits of Ja Rule and Ashanti, but for those who grew up with their songs and their number one hits, the hit-makers finally announced their tour after rumors floated around earlier this year. It started late August and ended early September.

The tour traveled to Los Angeles, with both shows being sold out. The fans were impatient to hear the greatest hits and it seemed like these two are inseparable when it comes to performing on stage because it’s Ja Rule and Ashanti of course.

Although they’ve collaborated together on many tracks, both artists were able to perform and shine on their own. Ashanti took the stage with her back up dancers as she sang her hit songs from her albums that included: “Only You”, “Rain on Me”, “The Way that I Love You”, and “Foolished”. Ashanti was able to connect with the crowd about being in relationships and all the emotions that come with them. Ja Rule performed shirtless and gave some “Thug Lovin’ ” to the crowd. Along with Ashanti they performed their duos, “Livin’ It Up”, “Between Me And You”, “I’m Real”, “Put It On Me” and many more.
Ashanti and Ja Rule bring the same energy to the crowd like they did fifteen years ago when they started. The audience felt as if they were living in the late 90’s and early 2000’s again with songs of the hit makers. No other rapper or singer duo like Ja Rule and Ashanti was able to do what they did because Murder Inc. was unstoppable. The Natural Born Hitters Tour made everyone sing to every song, feel hyped and a type of way. The Hip-Hop and R&B pair made this tour well worth it.

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