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ATTENTION Cat Lovers: A Revolutionary Collar for ALL Cat Care Needs

With the tagline: “Nine lives is never enough”, the company, RABO Inc. brings all cat lover parents just the device needed to ensure that their cats’ health is up to par. 

The device is a wi-fi enabled cat collar known as the “Catlog”. The collar possesses stellar features, such as: motion detection functionality (intended to track the eating, sleeping, grooming, and exercising aspects of your cats’ lives). Owners can view the data collected from the collar in an app that can easily be downloaded to their phone. Alerts will surface to notify owners of any health changes that are being tracked via the collar, and will provide further insight to trigger monitoring of the pet. Catlog is offered in a multitude of colors, ranging over fifty shades, as well as the collar being offered in a stylish design. 

The original Catlog collar was later joined by the Catlog Board, which is a board-shaped health management device that can be simply placed underneath your kitty’s favorite litter box. The Catlog Board then records the cat’s weight, as well as the frequency and volume of the cat’s excretions, which is also tracked in the app.

RABO CEO Yukiko Iyo has a master’s degree in bio-logging science, and her company RABO has utilized this science together with AI technology to create an IoT collar device exclusively designed to monitor the daily activities of cats. Her personal love for her own cats and her concern for their health drove her to create Catlog, which quickly gained overwhelming support from cat lovers all over Japan through Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake, where the two Catlog devices each exceeded their crowdfunding goals by 1,523% and 5,163% respectively.

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