Audio Karate Is Set To Release ‘Lady Melody’ On Vinyl

The American rock band, Audio Karate has remastered their 2004 sophomore record Lady Melody on vinyl. 

A limited edition of the album will be available for everyone to purchase on November 25 on their website. 

The vinyls will be of three different colors to choose from and only 500 copies will be made in total. 

Only 100 copies will be available in the classic black vinyl, 150 in the tricolor splatter and 250 in a coke-bottle green. The album will feature original handwritten lyrics and reworked artwork from the original .

Since the release of the 2004 album, Audio Karate has earned a following from various musicians. 

The album was recorded in just two weeks in December of 2003 at The Blasting Room in Collins, Colorado. 

It was produced by Bill Stevenson and mixed by Jason Livermore who are the owners of The Blasting Room recording studio. 

‘Lady Melody’ is a transcending nostalgia with a sound that feels as urgent and fresh right now as it did when it was first released.

The lead singer for the rock band A Day to Remember, Jeremy McKinnon has called ‘Lady Melody’ one of the best records ever. 

In addition, Bill Stevenson said the single ‘Jesus Is Alive’ has been a favorite song he has ever recorded. 

“It’s the worst album cover really, but it’s bizarro, and the record is kind of bizarro, and we’re definitely bizarro,” says Audio Karate guitarist Jason Camacho.

“We self-funded our first release 20 years ago in my mom’s living room, and we’re still DIY. We’ve merely upgraded to Justo’s garage. We’re just beyond happy that we’re able to release this for our friends and fans who’ve been asking for it for a long time. Thank you all!! Now please leave us alone!” he added. 

The rock band has three members, Arturo Barrios who is the vocalist and guitarist. Jason Camacho who plays the bass and Gabriel Camacho who plays the drums.

Auto Karate was formed from a Southern California Mexican-American culture  with the mutual love for 80’s and 90’s punk and metal rock music. They originally formed in Rosemead, California in 1999. 

The band reunited in 2018 to reissue their first record ‘Space Camp’ with Wiretap Records  after a 12-year hiatus. 

‘Malo’ is the name of their lost third album that was released last year in 2019. 

‘Lady Melody’ is a 100% self-funded project and the album will not have a pre-sale.

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