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How do you follow up selling over a million albums and breaking a nearly 20 year record in Korean sales as a solo artist? Well, if you’re EXO‘s Baekhyun you break another record, a personal one, before your next album is even released. Yep, Baekhyun did it again beating his personal best in pre-orders set by his second album, Delight with it’s title track, “Candy.”  This time around Baekhyun’s 3rd solo album, Bambi, has already surpassed 830,000 in pre-orders. 

We caught up with the hit singer during his press conference just moments before the release of his latest solo album. The event, which was hosted by XIUMIN of EXO, allowed Baekhyun to share insight into the new album and his feeling towards it finally being released.

“I’m always nervous when I release a new album,” Baekhyun explained. He added, Now that I’m 30, I worked hard to show a new side of myself as well so I hope you guys will look forward to it…A lot of my thoughts and opinions were reflected in this album, so i’m very excited.

He was asked during the media event how dis he feel about selling a million album on his previous album ‘Delight’ which he has now achieved as a solo artist and in a group. “First, thank out. It wasn’t something I expected, but personally, becoming a ‘million seller’ as a group and solo act, made me very proud,” said Baekhyun.

“It’s not because of me, but because I’ve been a part of EXO, and also because of all the fans that’ve been showing love and support throughout. That’s why it was possible. thank you”

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

When asked about his additional accomplishment of achieving the sales record for a solo album on Gaon Chart for 2 consecutive years and how it influenced his latest album Baekhyun said, “It’s hard to say there wasn’t pressure, but I wanted to show a new side of myself.”

“Continue working and developing myself, but I also had a great team of staff that allowed me to more openly share my thoughts as well. This album came right before enlistment and in my 30’s as well, I prepared this as a present, but feel like I’m receiving more so than I’m giving.”

When asked about the record number of pre-orders for this album and if this is was a look into this album having a great future Baekhyun said, “I’ve made a new personal record with the number of pre-orders, and I’m very thankful. I’ve wondered whether or not I’d be able to achieve such records again. I thought I was lucky last time, but I still feel that way now. I really want to thank everyone for the love and support, and hope I can give back even more.”

The album is set to be released at 6pm KST on March 30th 2021. His latest album contains 6 love-themed R&B tracks, which includes ‘Love Scene’, ‘All I Got’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Cry For Love’, ‘Amusement Park’ in addition to the title track ‘Bambi’. 

Baekhyun’s third solo album will be released at 6pm KST, that’s 5:00 AM EST, on March 30th 2021.