Bands To Know: The California HoneyDrops

California Honeydrops Edinburgh-StreetIt was 2011 at the Outsidelands music festival in San Francisco where I came across a band that would rank to be one of the better jazz folk bands I’ve ever heard, The California HoneyDrops.

Since I didn’t feel like fighting a crowd for a Metallica show, and all the other stages were retired for the night, I decided to wonder off. See what the festival in the after hours had to offer me. It was nice to just walk for once at the festival, I took my time to walk and watch all the people, frantic and shuffling about hoping to not miss their favorite band. As I walked up a hill I heard the faint sound of a trumpet playing sweet New Orleans jazz. I couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from but I followed the hill to see if it may lead to the alluring melody.

Atop was a dirt trail that winded about and seemed to lead towards where the music might be coming from. I looked at the end of the trail to see a dust cloud with lights shooting in and out of the enveloping cloud. Seductive and strong dixie piano, with a brilliant and devilishly melodic guitar shot sporadically out of the dust cloud as I approached. I came around the corner of the trail finally to see what the hell was going on and it was with no amount of creative wording, utter bliss. Every single person in the crowd was singing and dancing uncontrollably. Not a single soul in the crowd was stationary. Almost crazy and drunk with music, an ora of colorful soul bounced around and shot into every person in this audience.

I listened from the edge of the crowd as the band did covers of Sam Cooke, The Impressions, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, varies other soul powerhouses, and their own songs. The songs that they came up with were catchy enough to hold the ranks of they covers that they were playing. It was tough to see what fans were in the crowd, and who was a new comer like me. Everyone was in the same musical frenzy and I guess for a moment, so was I. The jazz winded into a finale and brought all instruments loud and strong into a brilliant and bright end. The California HoneyDrops had just ended they’re set.

This experience rightfully set the tone to what this band offers to the listeners. With the heart of soul and blues with the same sound and energy of folk and new orleans jazz. Their music barrels through and nostalgically becomes a part of you.

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