Barbershop 3 Making A Comeback Next Year

The barbers are back in town! For Barbershop 3 that is. It seems the “Old-school” movies are making a comeback but who’s complaining? Everyone wants all the movies they grew up with back in their lives and new movie Director Malcolm D. Lee is helping with that. He’s bringing some of the old crew together as well as some new actors. Coming back are; Cedric The Entertainer, Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson and Eve. It’s still not confirmed if Troy Garity, DeRay Davis, Garcelle Beauvais and Sean Patrick Thomas are coming back, although it is rumored. Some of the new cast members include, Nicki Minaj, Common and Regina Hall.

The previous Barbershop movies were a hit, grossing about $140 Million together at the box office worldwide, with that said, there’s assurance that this movie will also be a big hit. The movie is expected to release on February 19, 2016 and with new talent like Minaj, people are questioning how her character “Draya” will be since she is a multi-personality character on stage. The plot is still unidentified or if it will continue taking place in South Side Chicago, but Barbershop 3 is still auditioning for background cast and if you’re in the Atlanta area you can go to this website .

It’s been 11-years since Barbershop 2 and knowing that next year Barbershop fans will finally get to see their favorite actors on the big-screen, makes the wait too long to handle. To refresh people’s memory Barbershop is about Calvin (Ice Cube) inheriting the struggling barbershop from his deceased dad and sadly selling it to a loan shark after he sees the shop as a dead-end. Once sold, Calvin regrets selling it because he starts seeing what his father envisioned this shop would be like, there he meets the workers from the shop; Eddie (Cedric The Entertainer) an old barber who never seems to have customers, but always has lots of opinions, Jimmy (Sean Patrick Thomas) an educated man who thinks he’s better than everybody else but highly dislikes Isaac (Troy Garity) who is a white barber that just wants to be treated as one of the barbers and show his cutting skills. Then there’s Ricky (Michael Ealy) an ex-con with two strikes that just wants to catch a break and set his life straight for once. There’s also Dinka (Leonard Earl Howze) a barber that daydreams with one day being with the love of his life Terri (Eve), but Terri is a hard-edged woman who can’t seem to get over her loser boyfriend.

Barbershop has it all, Comedy, Drama and Romance, the reason why it was so successful. People are hoping next year’s Barbershop will be as incredible as the last two mainly because they’ve waited a decade for the movie. Above is the latest picture of the cast on set of Barbershop 3 left to bottom: Common, Director Malcolm Lee, Ice Cube and Cedric The Entertainer. If they would only announce and confirm Last Friday being filmed, everyone would be a happy family! But for now, Barbershop 3 will do.

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