Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

The most awaited film of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice had their trailer leaked late Thursday. Although, it was said by director Zack Snyder when he tweeted a little tease to what’s to come of the movie, he included that the official full trailer would only be seen in special IMAX screenings next week. Due to a camcorder rip of the trailer, it forced the director to officially debut its two-minute and 14-second trailer.

Snyder does say in a recent tweet “Cell Phone v IMAX. IMAX Event BvS fans will still be the first & only to see special IMAX BvS teaser #AFewExtraShotsPlusALittleSwag #NotPirated” based on that tweet it seems Snyder still has a bit more up his sleeve including a “little swag” so, it is still recommended to watch the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer at the IMAX-only screening to find out more of what can be expected for next year’s film.

The film which includes Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman are not the only famous characters we’ll see on the big screen. Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot will also appear in the film as well as Jason Momoa playing Aquaman along many other known cast members. According to Ben Affleck’s friend, producer, writer, director and actor Kevin Smith, he had mentioned in his Hollywood Babble-On Podcast last year about a possible Justice League story where the movies were not going to be done separately just for no reason instead it will all come together to make a historic ‘Justice League’ film.

These were his exact words: “They’re obviously beginning something, and there’s a stretch of these flicks. This is the beginning of the Justice League, as well as suspected as they were announcing that cast. We were like, ‘This is the beginning of Justice League movie.’ From what I understand now, it’s no longer like, ‘This is Superman 2.’ They’re not doing these things. They’re doing like, ‘Here’s Man of Steel. Here’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The next one is not like a sequel to one of the characters. They’re just going to keep building their universe for about five or six movies. But all of them…it’s supposed to tell one massive story, which is all Justice League oriented.”

If Smith predicted right, this will automatically be an epic history in the making of these famous comic book characters. Meanwhile the trailer for next year’s most awaited film can be seen here on this article. It is already predicted to make more than a million dollars worldwide plus fans want to how Ben Affleck will do in this upcoming movie. Share your thoughts about the movie via our social media @socalmuse or in our comment box below.

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