Bear Claw Films and RUDECREW Productions Premieres Film “Pains of the Past” in Los Angeles

The cast and crew of “Pains of the Past” walked the red carpet at Sycamore Tavern on Sunset Boulevard Friday to promote the new horror film. Writer and lead actress Alexa Lowery, along with costar Rob Putansu, director of photography Orel de la Mota, and director Michael Coulombe, talked to MUSE and explained the powerful message they are attempting to convey through this film.

Lowery wrote this film based on her own experiences with domestic violence and sexual assault. In “Pains of the Past,” her character Scarlett must relive daunting horrors from her past of abusive men. The 15-minute film includes raw footage and disturbing images of rape.

The cast came together to emphasize the importance to fight for women’s rights and empowerment now more than ever.

Check out “Pains of the Past” on Vimeo.

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