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It is that time of year when those who are fabulous and famous roll into the Big Apple to check out the latest from fashion designers. New York Fashion Week is currently underway and we are getting the 411 on what is going down straight from the front row. We caught up with E!’s very own Zuri Hall and Morgan Stewart to get their take on all the festivities.

Stewart, who has wasted no time checking out the latest happenings, says, “I’m really looking forward to what these designers are coming up with.” She explains, “I just left the Tom Ford Store and I saw the collection….[And] I was blown away by it. I think he [Tom Ford] got back to his roots, very Gucci-esque, like back in the day, fun vibrant, but not too crazy.” Hall explains for her it’s not all about the catwalk. “I’m always most excited for the street style actually,” she says. She adds, “So for me it’s about high and low, and I really like things that are attainable.” She sites her Midwest childhood for her unique and strictly individualistic perspective on fashion. She says, “it’s always fun to see you know people on the street doing their own interpretations of what they’re seeing on the runway and I probably get more inspir-o from that then I do the high fashion that’s on the catwalk.”

As for what the twosome have seen so far for trends? Hall sites the monochromatic trend, saying, “we’ve been talking about how monochromatic is still sticking, but it’s changing with color. She adds, “The last few years, it’s been neutrals and blush tones and… all over Instagram, but now we’re seeing monochromatic with these bright, bold, beautiful colors.” She explains, “reds, yellows, oranges and that’s really exciting because I like color and I’ve missed it.” Stewart also notes there have been some beauty trends happening as well. She says, “A lot of glitter. It’s been a very bare, bare face, but a glittery eye.” She remarks, “I feel like if people are doing more of a neutral tone clothing-wise, they bring that into the beauty they play it up one way or another.” Hall adds, “I second that with the clean skin and a bright eye.” Hall also has noted that eyes are more minimalistic as well, “not seeing a lot of that much lash happening and I’ve loved a good lash, but I’m even starting to back away from it. Like I was always minimalistic with the clothing, but more is more with my face.” She explains, “Like I want a full beat and definitely people are dialing it back. Hall also has seen more of an undone brow. She says, “I love a messy brow. That’s back. I love it! It’s not the overly done, perfectly arched, drawn on, one-dimensional eyebrow that was trending for a while. So I’m glad that’s back and I think it’s just skin. Skin is in!”

However, Hall was also quick to point out that fashion and New York Fashion Week is for everyone, despite what people may think. She says, “Don’t be intimidated by it.”  “I just feel like there’s so many people coming in from all over the place and there really is the sense of community, like my best friend is here in town and she’s making friends left and right at shows and they’re taking each other’s pictures and they’re sharing stories and their connecting.” She explains, “So there’s definitely a space for everyone to participate, in some way.”

As for the girls own style, they note that it is always evolving, but somethings never change. Hall describes her style as “effortlessly elegant.” She adds she tries “to look like it’s been sort of thrown on, but with a little bit of edge somewhere in the look.” She also explains her style really didn’t come into its own until she joined E!,because she wasn’t always immersed in the world of trends and Hollywood. But high and low fashion has always been important to her. She explains, “I wasn’t really into designer names….but I love a nice [designer] shoe…but then I like to pair it with also H&M or Topshop. I will just always want to have that combination.” Stewart who currently has her own curated workout line says she wants to eventually move into the world of ready-to-wear with her own line. She emphasizes, “I have very strong ideas and very strong points of view that I think could make some good clothes.”  She sites some of her first memories as ones she shared with her mother shopping. She says, “I have always, always been into fashion and always been into style…my style pretty much has always, if you can imagine, been the same.” She explains, “I feel like I’ve evolved with clothing as clothing has evolved in the sense that like I might have a different version of the same blazer that I still wear. But it’s pretty much consistent. I feel like it’s classic; I feel like it’s minimalistic. As for her own style, she says, its “more classic and definitely wearable, and definitely I’d like to think, it seems effortless.”

Emerson Unger

Emerson Unger is a producer for MUSE TV out of New York. She is an accomplished individual in the field working with such media outlets as Associated Press, MTV News and E! Online to name a few. Unger is a lover of movie's and Korean Pop Music.