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Belgian punk rock band F.O.D has just released their newsiest album Harvest, available today. This album features 14 songs written by both Hans Roofthooft and F.O.D. The albums tracks were written from a place of “anger and angst, both personal and political” and promises its listeners that, that they will be able to feel the fire the band brings.

Founded in 2008, F.O.D has become very popular in the Belgian punk rock scene and a household name among fans of their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. In 2013, they released a 16-track album titled ‘Ontario’, which was their first album release and was met with great praises and reviews across Europe.  Their second album ‘Tricks of The Trade’ was met with much of the same praises and reviews. Much like American bands, Green Day and Blink 182. F.O.D draws music inspiration from themselves and their surroundings. It is part of what has made them so popular amongst punk rock fans. This, their third studio album, is set to a darker tone while keeping the melodies that their fans are accustomed too.

Like their album before, this third album will be released at F.O.Ds own music festival, which will have other international artist at attendance. Harvest can be purchased on both clear and black vinyl, as well as CD and digital release.

For more on the band, click on their Facebook page

Lidia Mosqueda

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