The Best of Netflix in 2016

Netflix is always granting and taking. At least twice a year, it will grant us with new movies, new shows, and new seasons of shows that we can joyfully binge on; while also taking away films and series to make room for all these new additions. This year, one new edition that took us by storm, was the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Becoming the third most watched original content show on Netflix.

Netflix has produced many original successful series. Stranger Things, is just the most recent in a long line of watched shows. Such as; House of Cards, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, DareDevil, Making a Murderer, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. But the best thing that Netflix offered its audience, was not another original series, to add to its lineup. No, it was rather a chance to go back to simpler times. Times where Lorelia Gilmore, was the mother who seemed more like the cool older sister we all wanted to have, and Danny Tanner was the loveable dad, who could make the ever dreadful routine cleaning chore, into an entertaining one. Yes, the best thing that Netflix offered us this year, was the reboot of Gilmore Girls and the spinoff Fuller House.

Fuller House picks up nearly 15years after Full House ended.  The plot and setting are the same, only this time it is DJ Tanner who is the widowed parent to three boys and calls on her sister and best friend to help raise them. With much of the original cast reprised their roles in guest spots, except for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; who played the character Michelle Tanner. Although the show received mostly unfavorable reviews by critics. It was well received by fans of its predecessor and a second season premiered right before the holidays. It was announced that sometime in 2017, a third season of Fuller House will be released.

gilmore girls netflix posterAfter the initial success of Fuller House, many fans took to social media to express interest in other shows they would love to see revived. One such show, Netflix thought deserved to come back was Gilmore Girls. However, not as a spinoff but as a four-episode continuation story of where the Gilmore girls are now. When Netflix brought back the series for four episodes. Fans saw what became of Rory after graduating from Yale and where Lorelai and restaurant owner Luke stood with each other. The episodes were well received, for they were true to the characters and many fans have expressed that would like to see the revival continued in the upcoming year.

So why are these two shows the best thing Netflix had to offer in 2016? Simple, because with everything that has happened, this year. Within these shows, family and love always made everything better. Within these shows, laughing was as common as breathing. Who wouldn’t want to take time from day to reminisce with characters from our childhood. With 2017 less than a day away. Here’s to hoping that the New Year will bring back some more believed past shows.

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Lidia Mosqueda

Lidia Mosqueda, a graduate from California State University Fullerton, has been a news correspondent for MUSE TV since 2017. She has covered various newsworthy events such as; press junkets, film & tv screenings, premieres, concerts, red carpets and other public events. As a bilingual journalist she has written about various musicians and artists in Latin entertainment, helping to bring attention to many Latin American talent, here in the states. As a journalist in the entertainment field. Her goal is to break down the stereotypes and assumptions that surround entertainment journalism.
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