BlackBerrys For All: BBM going cross-platform, iOS and Android

Research in Motion is set to rbbmelease their coveted BBM to other platforms this summer. FOR FREE!

BlackBerry has had a long history of being a workhorse phone. Since its launch at the turn of the century, 1999, they have established their name as the mobile devices for professionals. They have continued that mentality through the years. Although they were one of the first companies to introduce the smartphone, they have maintained themselves distant from the gimmicky apps to attract customers (even though they provided BlackBerry users with the ever so addicting Brickbreaker game).  It is not a secret that they have been losing market share over the past few years because of the dominating Android and IOS platforms. However, it seems that Blackberry has caught on to the demand of consumers, Applications!

Blackberry was set to release its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to Android and iOS devices this summer. Many speculated the release date to be sometime late June, however, that time has came and gone. It will launch sometime before September 22, but the date is still not set. What does BBM mean to the average consumer, simply security.

With Snowden being hot news and the NSA taking flack for in-house spying, people that are concerned with information privacy should be interested in BBM as a mode of communication. It includes built in AES 256-bit encryption for messages sent via BBM (audio, photos, and video). There is reason why many enterprises still use BlackBerry devices. To those that aren’t so concerned with privacy, there are some cool features that make this a better option than many other messengers out there, such as Kik and Whatsapp.


1)   Messaging via Data: BBM sends information via a data connection, separate from your voice information. Why is this important? If you are a person who travels abroad and wants to keep in contact with people without paying international data coverage  (assuming you are on WiFi and not on your mobile data).

2)   Voice and Video: Something that is nice about BBM is that it offers the option to do Voice and Video chatting over data. So not only can you message people, but you can converse with them face-to-face or voice.

3)   File Sharing: One of the more unique features about BBM is that it does not limit the size of files you can send. This is especially interesting considering that most phones now shoot at 1080p at 24FPS, which translates to large data files.  This is sometimes limited by carriers, since this is an application, I’m sure it will not be an issue.

4)   Security:  I know this might not be an issue for some people, but its good to know that it won’t be easy to hack your phone. Security is starting to become something that should be considered, seeing that data mining is a lucrative business.

There shouldn’t be many issues with cross platform performance. RIM has already offered BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for those that wish to centrally manage their data.  BBM should bring some praise back to BlackBerry and their workhorse legacy.

Sign up on their page to get notified when the application launches: http://us.blackberry.com/bbm.html

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