Blink 182’s “Neighborhoods” Worth Visiting

Blink 182’s  new album, “Neighborhoods” will be released today and it is definitely a pick up album. After an 8 years of not releasing new material you can hear that the band has not missed a step. Mark Hoppus said,  “After eight years, it’s great to finally stop talking about when the next Blink album’s coming out and actually enjoy the music. We’ve worked so hard on this record over the last couple of years and gone through so much to get to this point that we’re just so excited to have the album out.”

The first single of the new album, “Up All Night” is good but not as good as some of the songs on the album such as, “After Midnight” and “Natives”. Hoppus mentioned one of his favorite tracks on the album is the song just mentioned, “Natives” he said about the track, It changes week by week. Right now, it’s ‘Natives’. That was one of the last songs we wrote and it was based around a beat that Travis came up with. He was in the studio one day working on an entirely different project and he came up with this beat and got the engineer to record about 30 seconds of it and loop it. Tom and I then went into the studio and pieced the song together. It all went really fast, within two or three hours of hearing the beat we’d written the skeleton of the song and I’d already written the chorus. It was a magical moment in the studio and when I heard that song it makes me happy.”

Throughout the album you can also hear the influences the band mates have experienced with the other side projects they have worked on such as Box Car Race, +44 and Angels and Airwaves throughout. The growth is heard and must pick up and visit there neighborhood on this great work. The album is available now at your local record stores or digitally on iTunes or your favorite digital music source. The band is currently on tour with My Chemical Romance and will be at the Honda Center this Saturday and at the Hollywood Bowl on October 8.

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