Brandino and Warren Huart Collaborate for new Youtube Tutorial

Last week, a new Youtube video has been released from two well renowned artists in the music industry, legendary session bassist Kevin Brandon and producer/engineer Warren Huart. This video is for musicians of all levels who want to improve their recording skills as well as take their bass playing abilities up a notch.

Warren Huart is an English record producer, mixer, recording engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He is most notable for working with many of today’s most successful artists, such as The Fray, Trevor Hall, Ace Frehley, and Aerosmith. He also owns the DIY YouTube Channel “Produce Like a Pro,” which offers recording tutorials for recording enthusiasts, and has over 100,000 subscribers world wide.

Kevin “Brandino” Brandon is a 7 time Grammy award winner as a producer, composer, arranger, and bassist. He has worked with a multitude of artists ranging from Aretha Franklin, to Justin Timberlake to Outkast.

Kevin Brandon, teamed up with Youtube auteur, Warren Huart to talk about playing techniques in genres such as pop, rock, and jazz by demonstrating his skills in both upright and electric bass. All of the instruments seen in the video are endorsements given to him from Warwick basses, D’addario Strings and Gallien-Krueger Amps. Brandino also shares his personal stories throughout the one hour and 17-minute video about moving to Los Angeles and how he got started in the music industry as a session musician, which eventually led him to working with artists from Aretha Franklin to a variety of current projects today.
In recent years Brandino has appeared on Will.I.Am’s “#Willpower,” The Beach Boys “Made In California,” Robby Krieger’s “Singularity,” Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience”, and his solo albums “The Many Faces of Brandino,” and “The Many Faces of Brandino 2.”

Watch the full video here:

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