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Update: Boston Police Confirmed Two Killed and 90 Injured in Boston Marathon Explosion

Photo By: Dan Lampariello of Boston to a T @Boston_to_a_T
Photo By: Dan Lampariello of Boston to a T @Boston_to_a_T

Two Explosions at the Boston Marathon this afternoon. Boston Police confirm two deaths and 23 injured in the blast


Two explosions at the finish of the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street in Boston, Mass this afternoon. At least 12 injured have been hurt at this time. The injured have been taken to a medical tent usually to help with the runners in who need medical attention when finishing the race.

There is no word on the cause or if this was a terrorist attack from government officials. “There are a lot of people down,” said one man, whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. Deruyter was not injured. The explosions occurred after three hours the elite runners passed the finish line. One report is said that the city hospitals are on disaster alert.

The photo was taken by Dan Lamperiello of Boston to a T (@Boston_to_a_T)

The Boston Marathon is one of the historic marathons in the country. The first marathon was held in 1897 and has been held the third Monday in April beginning in Eastern Massachusetts and ending inside the city of Boston. It is the second longest marathon behind the Buffalo Turkey Trot which began 5 months earlier.

Update at 12:44pm:

No conformation of deaths at this time and as of right now there is still not confirmation if this was caused from gas lines or planted explosives. The first explosion occurred at the finish line, the second was a couple blocks down from the finish line a couple seconds after the first.

Update at 1:10pm:

Boston Police Bomb Squad detonated a third bomb that was found. Boston Police confirmed two people have been killed and 22 injured at this point.

Update at 1:15pm: 

Boston Police Department to hold press conference in 15 to 20 min to release some details of the incident earlier today. Boston Marathon officials are stating that the explosion was caused by a bomb but there is no confirmation on the validity of the marathon officials statement.

Update at 1:37pm:

Boston Police confirm explosive devices were used in the explosion today. Boston Police have a fully intact bomb in their possession.

Update at 1:50pm:

Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Edward Davis Boston Police Commissioner currently holding a press conference.  Davis confirms a third explosion at the JFK Library in Boston occurred 30 minutes ago. Four bombs in total two on the marathon route, one at the JFK Library and the fourth was found and held for investigation intact.

Update at 2:05pm:

Number of injured from the explosion increases to 50 injured individuals. New York City and Washington D.C. have tighten security. Confirmation from the JFK Library that there was no explosion just a fire in the elevator not related to the events on Boylston Street.

Update at 2:36pm:

The Boston Globe confirms at least 90 people injured.

Update at 3:03pm:

President Barack Obama will address the nation at 3:10pm on the Boston explosions.

Update at 3:15pm:

President Obama said about the Boston explosions, “We still do not know who did this and why.” He added, “We will get to the bottom of this and find out why they did this.”

Update at 3:56pm:

Confirmed one of the dead in the Boston Marathon explosion was an 8-year old girl.




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