BRIGHT Press Conference: Will Smith, Joel Egerton and Director David Ayre

Will Smith and Joel Egerton star in BRIGHT. Released December 22nd on Netflix.

In an alternate present day… humans, orcs, elves and fairies have been coexisting since the beginning of time.

BRIGHT Press Conference
Photo by Michael Sandoval/MUSE

Two police officers, Smith playing a human and Egerton transformed into an orc, the pair embark on a night patrol that will alter the future of their world as they know it.

The LA cops work together to protect a young female elf, while battling against their own differences.

Director, David Ayre, said the film is ultimately about friendship and being yourself.

“It’s about someone who wants to be himself, and wants to be recognized. I don’t think anyone has the right to define who you are. Everyone has a right to define ourselves. Society should not define us,” Ayre said.

Joel Egerton was excited to play an orc, something he’s definitely never done before.

“I think there is something more common about this character than any other character I’ve ever played, in terms of the simplicity and just trying to fit in. There was such a beautiful simplicity in this character, and as an actor, I was drawn into the challenge of doing something completely new and get rid of all the vanity by hiding underneath this mask and seeing what challenges that threw up as an actor. I’ve learned a lot from it, what a great experience,” Egerton said.

Although Will Smith did not get any input into the soundtrack of BRIGHT, he mentioned at the press conference that he’s been getting back into rap, but not sure when his music will be released.

“I’ve been sniffing around it, getting hyped about it. It’s been a minute, but I’ve been fully in ‘actor mind’. Me and Jeff have been going out a little bit these past six to eight months and have been doing something. I just have to find that lane, you know, find that way back in. It’s a part of my heart, I love it,” Smith said.

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