BTS celebrates J-Hope’s Birthday with fun, laughter and A lot of hope

If it wasn’t enough that BTS landed their first American cover on Billboard magazine last week, now BTS’s Army (their super fans) have something new to celebrate. Over this weekend, the K-pop supergroup’s dancer and rapper, J-Hope, celebrated his birthday. The constant source of hope and joy, who’s real name is Jung Ho-seok, turned 24 on Sunday, February 18th.

Fitting with BTS Style, J-Hope celebrated his birthday in a big way with a live broadcast thanking fans for their well wishes. During the broadcast he also updated the group’s fans with details on what he has been up to and working on these days. Of course, J-Hope has promised his mixtape for quite a while now, but now he is saying it will be released soon. During the live broadcast he said, “I’m working really hard on it. I think I can say [it’ll be released] soon.” However, he did assure fans that he would not be releasing any new music that night and urge them not to wait up. He went on to explain it’s delayed release saying, “I worked really hard. You can say that I spent all of last year on the mixtape.” He also added that he still has many tracks to mix so it will still take him a bit before he can release it to the fans. However, he did acknowledge his hard work and how he knows expectation and anticipation is high saying, “I think you guys will like it. I know the more I say things like this, the more you guys will anticipate it.” Before ending the broadcast he thanked BTS is loyal fans again for making his birthday so special and making the hashtag #WhereHobiIsWhereHopeIs trend worldwide on his birthday. The hashtag is a nod to the group’s hidden track “Sea” off their latest album “Love Yourself.”

Also getting in on the action, BTS’s oldest member, Jin decided to take the opportunity to have some fun at J-Hope’s expense. Jin took to twitter to post “Happy birthday Hobbi. I waited an entire year to post this,” revealing a less than flattering photo of J-Hope. Ohe Jin and his dad jokes, they strike again!


Noticing Jin’s cruel sense of humor, fellow group mate and constant source of love, Jimin stepped in and quickly replied, “I also have a lot photos of you [Jin] hyung with greasy hair. Wait till December.”  Jin’s birthday falls on December 4th, but we don’t have to wait till then for the next BTS birthday. Suga, the second oldest member of BTS, will celebrate his birthday on March 9th when he turns 25.

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