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The K-pop sensations third official album FACE YOURSELF was released today, and has reached number five on the Japanese iTunes chart. The album is currently at number one in the worldwide album download chart, hitting the top 10 in 64 countries including Costa Rica, Brazil, Singapore, and Germany. It has also reached number three in the US download charts.

The album features 12 tracks, comprised of both new and old music from the Korean boy band. The older tracks added are Japanese versions, including “DNA,” and “Mic Drop.” The four new tracks include “Don’t Leave Me,” and “Let Go,” which have claimed their pedastol on the individual songs charts in 30 and five countries.

Of course the album gained immediate interest from homegrown fans in particular. BTS revealed earlier that one track from the album would be used as the theme song for a hit Japanese remake, “Signal.” The boys have potential to reach new audiences worldwide. FACE YOURSELF, has something for everybody. “Ringwanderung,” has a house sound, while “Crack,” has an old-school hip-hop feel. EDM, alternative R&B and of course, electropop are all inspired sounds on the new album.

Fans internationally, are loving FACE YOURSELF.

FACE YOURSELF is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.



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