BTS Release New Video ‘Epiphany’ Comeback Starring Jin

On Thursday, K-Pop sensation BTS released a new video starring Jin just ahead of the group’s highly anticipated album, Love Yourself: Answer which is set to release on August 24th. The group made history earlier this year being the first-ever Korean group to top the Billboard 200 chart with Love Yourself: Tear. 

With having sold out over a dozen concerts in North America, the group continues to break barriers for K-Pop music in the United States. BTS announced that they will be ending the North American leg of their tour inside the massive 40,000 seat stadium where the New York Mets play home games, making them the first-ever Korean act to perform a stadium show in the U.S. Set for October, tickets go on sale next Friday, August 17 at 4 p.m. eastern time. 

Posted by Big Hit Entertainment, the just over four-minute long video visually transitions between black and white and full color. The eldest member of the group is then seen in a room alone, doing a variety of actions within the space. The lyrics of the song show the singer to be reflecting on loving himself reading, “I’m the one I should love in this world, Shining me, the precious soul of mine, I finally realize so I love me, Not so perfect but so beautiful, I’m the one I should love.”

At one point, Jin heads out into the rain to then return to the same original room we saw him to be in at the beginning of the video. In the final seconds, Jin is seen alongside his group members beside a pickup truck headed down the beach. In a tweet released just hours before releasing the new video, BTS shared that Answer would conclude the Love Yourself series, which dates back to its 2016 release. The Love Yourself narrative implements a literary technique from both Korean and Chinese cultures which describes the four steps of storytelling composition, reports Billboard. This includes introduction, development, turn and conclusion which Answer appears to be representing in the series. 

Watch the new video below. 

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