BTS Starts To Celebrate Their Suga’s Big Day In A Sweet Way

It’s a day that only comes once a year. No we’re not talking Christmas, though it could be argued his birthday could be just as chili for this ice princess. In any case, we have to congratulate BTS’s second oldest member, Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, for being born on this blessed day, March 9th (Yes, it’s already March 9th in South Korea) in 1993. This year he turns internationally 25 years old.

No doubt that BTS’s superfans, Army, are already celebrating the birth of their most saltiest member around the globe. Likewise, BTS took to Twitter themselves to congratulate their most Savage member a photo collage. In the picture, which is actually a collage of 13 photos of Yoongi, we see him rocking a navy blue suit & tie with fresh dark hair. In each photo, he’s making a completely different face showing off his many savage sides. The photo is captioned with this saying, ” The most sweet day.”

But the love didn’t stop there. BTS also posted a snippet of Suga’s birthday celebration. In the video they posted to Twitter, it can be seen J-Hope, holding a cake and starting to sing happy birthday in Korean as the door to Suga’s studio opens.


They also posted a fun cute drawing to Twitter.


Suga celebrate his birthday with other celebrities such as Kim Tae-yeon, American actress Brittany Snow, Star Wars star Oscar Isaac, hip hop rapper Bow Wow and YouTube Star Cyrus Dobre. All these celebs are pisces which means they should be intuitive, self-sacrificing and incredibly sensitive. Doesn’t that sound just like salty Suga?

Well, let the celebrating commence and we’ll stand by to see what else the boys have in store for their savage Suga.

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