BTS Wins Big At The iHeartRadio Awards And Thanks Their Fans

Continuing their streak of success, K-pop boy band, BTS, took home their first iHeartRadio Award, actually make that two. The boys were nominated in two categories: best fan Army and the best boy band. And they snag both awards at the iHeartRadio awards on Sunday night.


Sadly, BTS we’re unable to attend the show due to the fact that they are working on a new album. However, that didn’t stop the boys from thanking their fans, especially for the award for best fan Army. They took to Twitter to post a heartfelt video sincerely thinking their fans for their “passion and devotion.”


In the video, RM, the leader of BTS, standing with his fellow bandmates says, “We congratulate BTS Army for receiving the best fan Army award.” As they cheer he goes on to say, “You deserve every bit of this award. Thank you so much. We’re always overwhelmed by your support around the clock and all around the world.” He ends the by saying, “this award signifies the passion and devotion of the BTS Army and you’re the best army in the world.” The video ends with rest of the boys shout-out in their own unique ways how much they love their fans.


BTS also followed up there video with a sweet Tweet. The boys posted a heartfelt message to their fans saying, “Like I already told you in the video, we do really know how hard you been tryin’ for this award.” They added, “Since the title is ‘Best Fandom’, the award surely is not ours, it’s all for ARMYs. Congratulations and love you all with all of my heart.”


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