BTS Wins Again & Promises Their Fans Even More Fun In 2018

BTS has done it again taking home yet another award. This time around the Bangtang Boys were honored for being one of V Live’s Global Top 10 artists. The V live broadcasting app allows users to watch personal broadcast videos from their favorite celebrities on their phone. The app is incredibly popular among the K-pop community allowing users to comment and interact with some of their favorite idols.

In honor of such a distinction, the boys held a  special V Live broadcast decked out in suits to thank their fans. During the broadcast, they also recount their past year of success as they watched previous V live broadcast and video messages from fans congratulating them on being one of V Live’s Global Top 10. But more importantly, they made promises to their loyal fans for the upcoming year.

Here is what they promised us fellow Army. First, Jungkook promises cooler things. During the broadcast, he said, “I’m working hard to show you cooler things,” alluding to the fact that he is practicing to play the piano. Secondly, V realizing that their fans come hail from so many different countries spanning the globe, promised that the boys would come for a visit. He said, ” I realize again today that people love us from many countries. We will go to you soon, so please wait.” Can you say BTS worldwide tour! Lastly, the boys threw around a couple of concepts for future V Live broadcast that they think would be really fun. Jimin said, “I want to do something groundbreaking. I want to do something where we get dropped off all over the country and had to find each other.” Keeping with the Adventure theme, Jungkook and Jin both want to travel. Jungkook said, “I want to do ‘Bon Voyage 3’,” while Jin wants to go back to the Jungle stating, I told the staff that we should go to the Jungle.” RM proposed that when J-hope’s mixtape drops, “he will do a mixtape V Live.” He promised that he would do a V Live with his new puppy Yeontan.

The broadcast, which included the members giving acceptance speeches and even receiving a trophy, concluded with them saying that they will continue to exemplify and demonstrate why they are worthy of being a V Live’s Global Top 10 artists.

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