BTS’s Jin Cut His Own Bangs And Twitter Freaks Out

Leave it to BTS’s Jin to set Twitter ablaze early this morning. Now, the self-proclaimed “worldwide handsome” decided to do what most of us have come to regret in our lives– trimming our own hair. Yes, the always silly “worldwide handsome” took the initiative to cut his own hair, sadly, with poor results.

In a short clip that he posted to Twitter, Jin can be seen holding a pair of scissors in one hand and a phone in the other in front of a bathroom sink. Can you say multitasking? But sadly cutting hair and filming at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Jin, who knows his way around a kitchen might be good with a knife, but obviously isn’t great with scissors, but again, it should be noted he is multitasking here.

The video, which he caption the video with “My bangs…,” starts with Jin saying,“I will be cutting my bangs because they’re blocking my vision.”  As he cuts from left to right he seems confident in his skills saying, “Oh, I can see well now. Oh, this is nice.” However, after a second glance of himself in the mirror, Jin become flustered and says,  “Huh? It’s a little…” before abruptly ending the video.

The short clip has already gotten almost three million views with over 70k comments. However, the good news is that its only hair and it will grow back… eventually.

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Emerson Unger

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