BTS’s RM Faces Surgery as The Group Plans to Conquer the Gaming World

If you’ve been on social media lately you might have noticed that the BTS member, Rap Monster, otherwise known as RM, has been trending heavily. Now it’s no shock to see BTS trending heavily on social. Let’s face it in 2017, they were the social media Kings, being the most tweeted-about celebrity of 2017, but unlike Jimin or V, rap monster doesn’t always create that much buzz. However Twitter went in to overload on Monday February 5th as speculation swirled that the leader of BTS was heading into surgery.

Now, before you  panic, you can rest assured that everything is just fine. Amidst all the speculation Big HIT Entertainment, which manages BTS, officially confirmed that indeed RM did have surgery to correct a deviated septum and and is now resting and working on his recovery. A deviated nasal septum is  thought to affect nearly 80% of the population, causing difficulty breathing, sleep apnea, snoring, headaches and even sinus infections. Apparently he has been suffering from this condition for a while and took the opportunity to have his condition corrected while the band is enjoying some down time after having an extremely busy 2017. The Korean idol, who’s real name is Kim Nam-joon, also took to Twitter himself to post a photo of his family dog and reassure fans that he is doing well and even working on new music.

BTS is slated to release new music on April 4th with their Japanese album “Face Yourself.” However, that is not the only thing this super group has in the works. Recently it was announced that BTS has their sights on conquering the video gaming world. Video game developer Netmarble, just announced that they’re making the official game for BTS called BTS World. The game is slated to come out in a few months and will give fans the opportunity through a real cinematic experience to manage BTS and  help raise the members. The game is supposed to have over 10,000 exclusive photos with a hundred unique videos as well as an original soundtrack just for the game. The game is supposed to give fans a inside look into BTS’s reality and allows members of BTS to actually video chat with users of the game, a function of course that BTS’s Army will undoubtably enjoy.

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