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Come May 6 the DC cinematic universe will be put on suicide watch. Why? Because Captain America Civil War is just that good, and there’s not much a solid Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck can do.

The film is a perfect combination of heart, comedy, and action. There’s a more serious tone to this film that puts it in a league above its predecessors, but it still manages to convey a fun tone that made the Marvel universe great to begin with. This can be credited to great leadership at Marvel, but a lot of credit is due to the Russo Brothers. In the Winter Soldier they made a spy thriller that set a new standard for comic book films. In Civil War they’ve created a action packed family/political drama that will leave you thinking ”How is this just a set up movie?”

The film is well balanced and each character gets their fair amount of time to shine. It doesn’t feel cluttered, but rather very well paced. The Russo Brothers make sure that the film remains a Captain America Movie, and doesn’t let is lose focus. Even after showcasing the Black Panther, and unveiling the best Spider-Man to hit the big screen.

Spider-Man though his time is limited shines in this feature. Tom Holland nails Peter Parker. Just a kid who’s made some mistakes, and a kid who’s trying to do the best with what he’s given. “With great power…”

Add Sony’s iterations of Spider-Man on the same list with DC. Toby was great, Andrew tried, but Holland (Marvel) prevails.

Civil War isn’t without its flaws. Like many Marvel movies, it suffers from lack of a strong villain. There’s a point in the film where a team of “super soldiers” could pose a threat, and that could have led to a serious showdown. Unfortunately, that was squandered, but it’s not like the audience isn’t treated when it comes to action. There’s not much civil war in the movie, but rather friends who disagree. That being said, all those flaws are easy to overlook when the end credits start rolling.

From the emotion filled heart pounding action to the relational drama between friends, Captain America Civil War is a must see summer blockbuster.

Whoever hacked Sony… thank you, and Zach Snyder, good luck?