Ever wonder how Nick Fury got the idea, for the ‘Avenger Initiative.’ Long before meeting Tony Stark? How the Tesseract made its way back to Fury in ‘Avengers,’ after being lost in the Ocean? And possible to most asked question of all. How did Fury lose his eye?

Marvel’s latest installment too its Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel not only answers this but is the perfect tie-end to 10 years’ worth of hard work. All leading to the epic conclusion, that is ‘Avengers: End Game.’ This prequel establishes the beginning to the ‘Avengers Initiative.’ First introduced back in Iron Man 2. Following a few stand-alones’ (Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor). ‘Avengers’ was the first superhero team up to grace the big screen with all the heavy hitters of the MCU. Its’ purpose, as explained by Fury to the Council. Was to put together a group of talented individuals, who could fight the battles that they could not.

Carol Danvers is an U.S. Airforce pilot, whom without recollection becomes part of the elite Kree Military. Her story begins in the 90’s, a time period that the directors and cast were very fond off. During a press conference in Beverly Hills directors Anne Boden and Ryan Fleck, noted that they began the process with a playlist in mind, however a lot of that changed during post-production.

“We started to make a big playlist at the begging in the movie and we shared it with the crew and some of the cast. Some of those songs are in the movie but it was really just in post when we put the scenes together and through the songs in and see what stuck and it was very much a collaboration with Kevin and the whole team at Marvel, to figure which songs worked the best.”

While Captain Marvel is not the only superhero with an origin story set in a previous time. Unlike Captain America, whose origin story is during World War II; her creation did not come out of necessity. As fans remember Steve Rodgers was part of a “super solider” experiment, to help put an end to war. What made him standout from other soldiers, was his eagerness to help and willingness to self-sacrifice for the greater good.

Danvers, a U.S Airforce pilot, who just like Steve Rodgers. Not only has to prove herself to be just as capable and competent as her fellow military men but also engages in an experiment that is designed to help end wars. It is during a “test run” that an accident happens, and she acquires the abilities that render her, “super.”

During the conference, Academy Winner Brie Larson. Spoke about what it is that she enjoyed about being Captain Marvel. She told audience that too her, playing a perfect superhero isn’t a realistic or even aspirational thing and given her interest in female complexity, it was the characters complexity that got her excited.

“Getting to play a character where the whole character arc in turn of this is watching her be this major risk taker. Which means it’s not always gonna work out the best and those are the moments that define the moments of her character. Where she doesn’t lay down and gets back up. That’s everything, that’s for everybody. There isn’t a person who can’t relate to that, I think.

It is Carols resilience to never back down and fight for “the little man.” That inspired Fury to seek out individuals like herself, that could fight the battles that men couldn’t. It is the same resilience that lead Dr. Abraham Erskine, to pick Steve Rodgers for the “super solider” experiment. Who in return has continued to seek and train others in the same way, every since “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Captain Marvel serves as a prequal to all films (with the exception of Captain America: The First Avenger). Since the post credit scene in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Many have been eagerly waiting to see just how she will be able to help the remain Avengers. Many theories have been thrown out there. With some being that her stand-alone will probably give way to how “Avengers: End Game” will begin.

Does she possess the power to do, what our beloved heroes couldn’t? Will she be able to save Tony Stark who is lost in space and low on oxygen, in the present? Is she even close in range or alive!? All of these and more will be answered when Carol Danvers make her MCU debut on March 8th.

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