CASA 0101 Presents Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme for the Fourth Year

Los Angeles, CA— Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme is back for its fourth consecutive year at CASA 0101 and this year’s ensemble hits a home run.

CASA 0101, a theatre company cofounded by Josefina Lopez, is known for its dedication in bringing the performing arts to the Boyle Heights surrounding communities and Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme is a beautiful coalition to their mission statement.

The 2016 Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme production features a series of five minute, fourteen short plays—each play with the capacity to bring a new perspective to the table. There are ten actors (only three male actors) swiftly performing in various roles throughout the festival.  As novellas and other television shows portray exaggerated Latina characters, Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme is the real deal. This production portrays authentic Chicana and Latina situations; rarely do people get a glimpse of genuine, raw experiences. They are real because the stories are based on real experiences from their lives.  As a result, audience members are invited to ride along an exclusive journey, full of depictions and moments that define as well as cherish Latina culture.

The annual theater festival was originally developed by Lopez four years ago as a way to provide Latinas with a platform for sharing their backgrounds in a resonating environment, while developing their artistry through producing, playwriting, and directing. By no means does the Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme festival happen overnight; it is cultivated through writing and directing workshops that CASA 0101 hosts. The process allows everyone to participate, despite their knowledge, experience, or lack of funds. Writers get the chance to produce by raising funds for their project as well as the option to direct a new work.

What separates this festival from other productions, is that the stories are expressed specifically through the voice of Chicana and Latina women—which give more significance and meaning to each individual skit. The ensemble is much more than a network of writers, the Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme cast and crew is a family—and that is what the audience feels. CASA 0101 has truly built a community, where Chicana and Latina artists can take sanctuary.

‘Mothers’, written by Maria G. Martinez and directed by Maia Villa, explores the relationship of three mothers building empathy as their daughters experiment with their sexuality. This play encourages ways in which mothers can be more supportive and understanding in their children’s choices.

The plays include a wide array of genres from comedy to drama to dramedy and a multitude of subjects that may be shunned within Latin culture. Some skits are mostly in Spanish, while others use Spanglish, and some in English. Their specific stories are unique, however they are relatable and speak to women of all cultures.

Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme ends the festival with a skit entitled ‘Hope’, written by Marielena Covarrubias and directed by Maria G. Martinez. ‘Hope’ inspires audiences to make a behavioral change in treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of their circumstances.

Do not miss the opportunity to be inspired, to laugh hysterically, to make new friends, and to have a great time before they hit the road to perform at the New Orleans Fringe Festival!

Final performances are this weekend Friday April 1st at 8PM, Saturday April 2nd, at 3PM & 8PM, and Sunday April 3rd at 5PM at CASA 0101 located at 2102 East First Street in Los Angeles.

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