Celebrities Come Out For Premiere Of Linsanity at LA Asian Pacific Film Fest

LINSANITY The MovieThe documentary of Jeremy Lin, LINSANITY, brings out celebrities to celebrate the opening of the 29th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


LINSANITY open the 29th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival with great fan fair. Celebrities came out to support the films director Evan Jackson Leong and the Asian Pacific Film Festival.

LINSANITY is the directorial debut of Evan Jackson Leong and is produced byChristopher C. Chen (LOOPER; YEAR OF THE YAO; EVERY LITTLE STEP), actor Brian Yang (HAWAII FIVE-0; THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS), and Allen Lu. Daniel Dae Kim (HAWAII FIVE-O; LOST) narrates the film.

The documentary as described in the Kickstarter campaign that helped generate the funds to make this film possible, Jeremy Lin’s story is so improbable, Hollywood couldn’t script this for the absurdity of being too unrealistic.  Jeremy’s career is the antithesis of NBA convention. 

He grew up as a skinny Asian American kid in Palo Alto, CA, home to some of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology companies. The more we dug into his story, we saw how each seemingly unconventional turn became the foundation for the next opportunity – each success and challenge became a building block for bigger and better things, weaving together an impossible story that could only have ever happened that exact way.  

Jeremy is a private, simple, and humble person.  We requested to film him repeatedly, but he felt there wasn’t much of a story to tell.  At the time, it seemed laughable to him that his story would  be something people would want to hear.  Fortunately after much persistence, he graciously agreed to the cameras.  Before Linsanity, we were documenting a struggling basketball player and the wild turn of events he was leading. After Linsanity hit, we capture a determined athlete whom fans want to know “What makes this man tick?”

You can watch the red carpet interviews from the evening’s opening film LINSANITY below. Tickets for the film festival can be purchased at vconline.org.

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