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Champagne Leader and Cherri Bomb Rock the Troubadour

Cherri Bomb
Cherri Bomb performing at The Troubadour. Photo by Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E.

This past weekend the Troubadour played host to some of the best music that the Los Angeles area has to offer. As part of the final show for the group XYZYX, Champagne Leader and Cherri Bomb both took the stage to showcase some of their new music.

And neither group’s performance nor sound disappointed the crowd gathered at the Troubadour Saturday night.

The first band to play was Champagne Leader, previewing some of their new material for their upcoming album that is expected to be released this fall. Hailing from Azusa, California, Champagne Leader gave one of their most impressive performances to date and brought great applause from the audience. Lead vocalist and guitarist/keyboardist Vincent Munoz wonderfully switched from guitar to keyboard and then back again between songs without missing a single note. Drummer Daniel Morales kept the audience’s heads and feet bobbing and moving to catchy beats while the combination of Kasey Sullivan and Shea Branham on bass and guitar respectively brought that vibrancy and life to the performance that rocked the crowd.

Suffice to say it was an astounding performance for Champagne Leader that is only a preview of great things to come as their album gets closer to its release date. If anticipation isn’t high already, it should be.

Following up one terrific act with another is rare, but certainly was the case when Cherri Bomb took the stage after Champagne Leader. In what can only be described as a sublime performance from a young and incredibly talent group, Cherri Bomb brought incredible energy and enthusiasm to their performance Saturday night at the Troubadour. Despite an average age of only 16, these four musicians displayed not only incredible talent but also showmanship and presence that is rare to see from even more veteran bands and performers. Not only can Nia and Rena Lovelis and Miranda Miller all sing incredibly well individually and together, their skills with their respective instruments is impressive. And Casey Moreta on lead guitar clearly has amazing talent and really shines when his name is called to deliver a solo.

Based on the performance of Champagne Leader and Cherri Bomb this past weekend, it is no wonder why Los Angeles has always been viewed as a hub for amazing music. Both groups performances set the tone for amazing new heights and expectations for each of them and certainly won them over many new fans.

If you live in or find yourself in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check both bands out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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